Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Driving Lesson

EL Driver School
Gears pedals steering wheels
Mirrors side and rear
Nearside offside left or right
Indicators over here
Windscreen wipers if it rains
Road lights when it's dark
Keep your eye on everything
Especially when you park
Use the clutch left foot depress
Select the early motion gear
Left foot right foot toggling
To get you going if it's clear
The moment you feel movement
You will need to be alert
Your arms and legs in harmony
So many hazards to avert
By now your sense of travelling
May not be logical to you
In spite of all that engine noise
The vehicle moved an inch or two
All your presence and your purpose
Along with any sign of mirth
Has taken flight in panic fright
Has shrunk your sense of worth
Ice-cold beads of perspiration
Violent shakes leave you appalled
Then deathly silence lets you know
the bloody engine finally stalled

1 comment:

  1. It makes you want to clutch your heart when you accelerate. Well done mate . I will take this one to work.