Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Covent Garden

Take a Tube to Leicester Square
Long Acre left at Monmouth
Meet us there at Neal's 'off Shorts'
Pick up the Cambridge drop cloth

We'll carry on to Mercer Street
Consign the load, take tea with Giles
Then a Marquis pint at Earlham's end
As we depart the Seven Dials

Leg it swiftly down to Aldwych
Cross the bridge to Waterloo
in the 'Windmill' Lambeth High Street

write a 'Ropey Rhyme' or two

Monday, 25 November 2013


Picture borrowed from flickrhivemind.net

Real ale not just a drinkers drink
to be guzzled and get drunk
it’s a taste bud food experience
Gourmet quality 'Slam Dunk'
Discovery's where it's happening
London Pride is no back burner
be it Honey Dew or ESB
Simply Fuller Smith and Turner

Saturday, 23 November 2013

If Elvis Needs A Song

The night drew slowly to goodbye
As we sang the final song
We held each other close together
Unaware we'd both be moving on

Your smile a spell to me enchanting
You filled my heart I almost froze
I couldn't see beyond my feelings
You took me where nobody knows

They sent a limousine took you away
I was lost nowhere to go
As you faded into silver moonlight
I knew how much I loved you so

Your smile a spell to me enchanting
You filled my heart I almost froze
I couldn't see beyond my feelings
You took me where nobody knows

And if we one day meet again
Will you remember our sad goodbye
On that night of burning embers
No time to watch each other cry

Your smile a spell to me enchanting
You filled my heart I almost froze
I couldn't see beyond my feelings
You took me where nobody knows

A Method in His Reverence

He makes a golden bob or two
Crunching numbers in the city
Designer clothes and fast red cars
adoring lovelies very pretty

A hedonistic celebrant
buying drinks and slapping backs
keeping tally's on expenses
paying very little tax

For him success is party time
in the scene of lavish preen
Freeloading on the game of life
A boundless libertine

Giving sermons to the credulous
flaying wide the moral knife
enjoying company with substances
from the wilder side of life

Friday, 22 November 2013

Commit to Quit

The puffing pencils on my lips
Disenchantment cloudy grey
Screw loose satisfaction
any time of any day
Lighting up and taking in
sucking air of absent flavour
transfixed by minor moments
each split-second-fix to savour
I can kick the habit anytime
there's no chance I’m‘butt obsessed’
those silly pictures on the packages
leave me somewhat unimpressed
They say it dries your membranes
gives your breathe a whiffy taint
may cause oral ulceration
But what the hell I’m not a saint

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

This is Hull * * You are Here * *

Picture by kind permission of Steve Clarkson Anlaby Common Hull

The culture curve is easterly
everything is ready
Weather looking promising
Nerve control is steady

We'll tack at Humber Estuary
Catch the wave and turning tide
we’ll be abreast and take the lead
Keep the hauling wind on side

Harden up at home port view
in the lee side of a squall
Cock-a-hoop we sound the horn
Hull speed 'let go and haul'

Monday, 18 November 2013

Along Those Lines


Reverend this and Holy that
Sniffing high-flown pompously
In charge of moral guidance
Mendacious kind of piety

Once again the banking system
Shines a sun stroke basking light
such a bastion of confidence
bestowing flower power might

So much pressure to cooperate
Safe guarding future out of sight
calling shots on lesser pots
like it's a modern trusty plight

Off ones head or off ones face
a crystal candle heavens breath
our vicar swings ecstatically
On Ket, Cocaine and Meth

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Raiders of the Lost Nark

The early morning foray
sadly not a quiet affair
Blatantly outnumbered
clearly lacking savoir faire

Entering in single file
No room for two together
carelessly not wiping feet
sodden trails of dirty weather 

Frantic panic screaming out
"what on earth is going on?"
icy calls demanded 'freeze'
common decency foregone

Just then a naked lady hurled
a porcelain commode
With a scream of acid overtones
"You have no right in my abode"

"Now just hold on there Misses"
Said the officer in charge
"Our 'intelligence' is to apprehend
Wicked criminals at large"

"Intelligence? I have my doubts
There's not a soul in here but me
Racketeers of fame are known
To live at number Thirty three"

"Blindly rambling roughshod
Is to me beyond abhorrent
Reduced my door to smithereens
Led up my garden by your warrant?"

The Sergeant glanced the paperwork
Seeing clearly 'Thirty Three'
This door confusion worried him
As he scuttled on his knee

There among the broken planks

He looked with horror on the floor
No matter how he angled it
A number mumbled 'Forty Four'

Salty droplets from his hard hat

Stung his eyes and made him blink
At 'Thirty Three' they'd gone to ground
Now to face sad music and the stink

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Early morning mumbling
At preserves in jars and pots
Thinking Marmite bread and butter
Before my eyes I'm seeing spots

Having overstayed so lazily
Too long in blanket bay
I need a zap to put me right
Velvet gently on my way

Slurped my iced tomato juice
Set the toaster 'medium brown'
To kick my taste buds back in use
Hot strong tea to ease my frown

Peering through my curtained view
My dawning light withholding bright
Keep early morning after thoughts
As faded memories of the night

Spreading shapes of no intention
Expectations out of sight
As I repair internal organs
With level lashings of 'Marmite'

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Police in Russia celebrate
its law and order day
polishing their truncheons
they help us on our way

So many smiles on happy faces
Clear streets no protest scene
with vodka smiles the law beguiles
where’re you going, where've you been

Keep the peace and toe the line

On Lenin Square you know what's best
planting nuts on cobblestones
is not so nice the Police protest

Sing out freedom for the artist

Passive 'Pussy Riot' jailed
when politics is plainly bollocks
Pavlensky has them nailed

Monday, 11 November 2013

Roll Em!

A gambler sidled up to me
laying cards upon my table
Eyes alert and burning hot
"Spare a moment if you're able"

"I need to share my story
If you have a listening ear"
warily I weighed the odds
Gave a nod and sipped my beer

"I have a sure fire certainty
a flawless plan to win the house
with serendipity such simplicity
Using cocktail sticks I dowse"

How kind it is you share with me
your supernatural absolute
but I have found a better way
to take advantage of my loot

There's nothing to it really
it's the odds that rule my day
Punters have their woeful hopes
with my winning ways I say

I have no need of loaded dice
nor wooden wands that dowse
for the palace just across the road

Is my twenty seventh lucky house

Way back in the 1960's I recall a Bob Dylan song 'Frankie Lee and Judas Priest'. I found it to be a somewhat sinister yet startlingly evocative story and I still recall these lyrics more than most other songs I've ever heard.
This particular post 'Roll Em!' Is a rhyme which seemed to write itself though on  reflection I feel it was inspired by that very song. I recommend listening to the original version of 'Frankie Lee and Judas Priest' as found on the John Wesley Harding LP. If you are smart enough to have acquired a copy of  this great Bob Dylan masterpiece I raise my hat to you.

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Day of the GOCE (GOchay)

10th/11th November 2013 GOCE Satelite returns to earth.

Be aware the gravity 
A situation most appalling 
On Sunday raining satellites'
In many parts a heavy falling

Propellant fuel, a vacant tank
Speedy satnav journey home
No way recalculating
Or to avoid the wayward roam 

As for me I'll keep my eye out
For any cataclysmic lumps
I'll hang around my local hospital
Should I need treatment for my bumps