Saturday, 31 January 2015

Justice Milord

Justice Fingers sits in court
Considering his thumbs
Precedents and obstacles
In many cases overcomes

Pointing out each point of law
Weak objections overruled
Instruction handed to the Jury
He fans the flames already fuelled

Absent digits do have downsides
In summarizing pulled out plums
For those who point just fingers
Are judged bereft of any thumbs

Friday, 30 January 2015

Oh! Nigh On Cooked My Banshee

They say beauty is only skin deep. Better believe it.
Thanks to Roger Bishop for the picture.
I am a demon in the kitchen
A wizard making spells
Convert ingredients into potions
Pungent magic charming smells

Naughty nice enticement spice
Seductive succour will transfix
Magic circle made of onion rings
My impish felon in the mix

In my hubble-bubble toiling crock
A boiling broth of fiendish stew
Audacious alliaceous cures
My devil’s punchbowl wicked brew

The Song Writer

She sat quietly table drumming
Trying to figure out some tune
Something catchy like contagious
A kind of blown up heart balloon

When life takes hold it grows so fast
Then spirals dizzy reeling by
Can take away your breathing space
Crashing burning off your high

She hopes to slow the music down
Whilst reminiscing with a drink
When before you know the bottle’s low
Imagination on the brink

Seeing symbols as the sunlight breaks
 Writing anything that moves
A page a verse or tempting line
Cloudy visions in the groove

Teardrops rock her rolling eyes
Refreshing all she might have said
Too much hid between the lines
Send other messages instead

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Needs and Must Haves

A perfect gift for Billy at three
We are so excited for him
Full of gizmo whistles and gadgetry
Will play for hours to suit his whim

The family came united
On his birthday party date
To witness Billy’s sheer delight
And watch him tackling the crate

Unwrapping the contraption
An atmosphere filled static cracking
As Billy disregarded it
Consumed by passion for the packing

All About The Base Rate

I can't get no satisfaction
Of the multitude of jobs we do
We undertake to earn our keep
The side by side dissatisfied
In payment terms we seething weep

Our recompense inadequate
In judgement guilty at the bar
Not enough to drown our sorrows in
Too low we plead by far

Stating cases for a verdict fair
Are lawyers and shopkeepers
Underpaid and wage dismayed
Bring on the harshest jeepers creepers

Day in day out monotony
Is proof enough to state our case
Lacking vibrancy or joie de vivre
Too poorly paid to bring us grace