Sunday, 20 September 2020

Never Mind The Cobblers

Picture by Greg Rosenke

It is the twentieth of September

Twenty-twenty now high time

To put away my head of tumbles

And resign from Ropey Rhyme


There is no special reason

For my state of rhyme demise

As I look for better things to do

After writing fond goodbyes


Well there it is there’ll be no more

In fact there’s nothing left to say

Though I will leave a trace of it

For six months and a day


From statistics on my blog I know

How many viewers came and went

Upright though my motives were

Some not deserved to ever vent


Looking back I penned a bunch of them

Not too many will I keep

Enough to pull my eyelids down

When I’m struggling to sleep


But above all I give thanks to those

Who took some time to read a few

Maintaining stacks to measure from

Whether reading old or new


Goodbye farewell I’m signing off

For me at least its been a hoot

Though far too many went their own way

So in the end I had to scoot


A special extra thanks for the many Likes and Retweets on Twitter – Tea's a Geezer



“Never mind the Cobblers” It is not finally confirmed yet as there is a possibility that my Grandfather whom we presumed related back to Northampton Shoemakers was born in Paris France. As if we hadn’t had enough speculation on the ‘who and where’.

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