Friday, 30 August 2013


They gather together
In various places
Cafe's wine bars and pubs
No secret agendas
Some pleasant mind benders
Conversations issues and rubs

Here and there all over the land
Cities towns and grass roots
Sentiments stances
standpoint advances
A natural rhythm of change
Rallying calls of Pied Piper flutes

Ever so quietly
Minds are considering
In spite of halls of dominion
Where the struggle for power
Has misplaced the hour
By ignoring the minion opinion

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


They eloped on Monday morning
Window cleaning day
Took advantage of the ladder
There seemed no other way

She held the ladder steady
As he crawled out on the ledge
Rung by rung descending clung
Reciting lovingly his pledge

She gazed up in admiration
Joined harmoniously in song
T’was then he fell and broke her neck
Such an awful going on

Through fear of height he trembled
Became dizzy hot and sweaty
He lost grip and plummeted
Now eternally together Jim and Betty

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Joy Rider

Oh what joy this freedom tool
To travel anywhere
Assail the hills and coast the vales
To stop awhile and stare

To trundle on in auto style
Be seen yet not reveal
A driven Knight and Baroness
Behind the steering wheel

Oh wheelie wonder magic box
Travel treasures you provide
Bestow on our majestic quest
Our righteous ways not be denied

So distance keep know your place
Let not ill-mannered ways engage
Lest you encounter mighty wrath
from our regal driving rage

Friday, 23 August 2013

Roads of Rubbish

The monolithic trash bin
A testament to waste
Full of remnants now discarded
Once thought of as good taste

They stand there in my garden
An extension of my palace
On hot days smelly rancid
A plastic poisoned chalice

If bins could speak they'd tell us
About the stuff we throw away
Like unnecessary packaging
Discarded wealth we gladly pay

Monday, 19 August 2013

Two Planks Max

I didn't do too well at school
I found the whole thing boring
Sitting still in classrooms 
Irritated me like snoring

Lessons were delivered well
Per curriculum and fashion
Teachers with a job to do
Fifty fifty odds on passion

Not fair to blame a lesson lame
Nor a person's absent spark
But the lack of inspiration 
Was like sitting in the dark

Thursday, 15 August 2013

No One Giggles when a Gargoyle Gargles

Green bubbles
pustules boil
Darkly rants
an old Gargoyle
A mirthless curse
pitch black tirade
Grumbles from
the balustrade

Check it out Highly Recommended 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Casey's Caught Drama

Your just a man accept the blame
You know it's all your fault
All the stupid things you said
From your mouthy catapult 

Don't try to make your mind up
It's not your mind to make
Or lies you always told yourself
Thinking life is give and take

It's not that you weren't useful once
In the rosy glow romantic
With ease you gave way gracefully
To wily winning ways pedantic

You did your best to gain back ground
Through the hoop and somersault 
A game of life no chance to win
Your just a man it's all your fault

Scirocco Road

I left from there three weeks ago
I got here yesterday
Most likely stay for Friday night
Until the end of play

Then once again I'm on the move
Maybe two more weeks or less
I've planed a random journey
No chance to second guess

Time is gathering pace again
Every clock is holding hands
A conspiring game of tardiness 
Stirring storms of swirling sand

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Date in Dock Street

What a date when together we ate
In Eighteen Eighty Four
Sumptuous fare of ‘Haute Cuisine’
Our taste buds screamed encore

Each dish supreme a top cats dream
Wine and bubbly vintage prime
One can’t get better at twice the price
Returning back time after time 

Genteel staff will share a laugh
Attentive to the last
The city's finest house of style
For magic evening's unsurpassed

May I recommend:
Dock Street Kichen, Kingston upon Hull