Sunday, 28 July 2013

Conway's Twitter

For hours reflecting seriously
striving desperately for calm
Breathing contemplative
quells a heartbeat stress alarm

Fear of things one may have said
wringing gnashing machinations

Apologies begged implicitly
my pericombobulation's

John Conway is among what is good about twitter
@lareah07 Very funny, very sharp. Recommended.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Celebrity Words

mid-meld omnishambles cowabunga
much D'oh boom-boom

Thinking Saturday on Wednesday

A day by day mid-meld

In a life of omnishambles

A lust for cowabunga held

I feel this Much inside my Tardis

D'oh I need release from my back room

No longer see the funny side

When I end a joke boom-boom

Monday, 22 July 2013


I do my best to sit and think
Though I have a wondering mind
Playing around with options
Avoiding loops that tie and bind

I like to get things written down
Without a second take
Then wait to see if qualms set in
Is it real or is it fake

Inside a fear a nagging doubt
Even worse to plagiarise
Do my passages have ordered sense
Or do my words deceive my eyes

Are there answers here I wonder
Tapping into my psychology
Or do we all write stuff in circles
Like thinking thought tautology

Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Slogan 'Peak Heat'

Reaching for the ice box
I'm thinking lemonade
Freezing tickles down my throat
Happy taste buds got it made

Droplets in my drooping eyes 
Sweating salty stings my sight 
Feeling sultry sunlight weary 
There's far too much hot light 

They're calling it a heat wave 
I'm seared and saturated 
Not a cloud Up in the sky 
Overcome and sunindated

The Cat With Stars On Her Mind

Looking out at the tide of beyond
Listening seeking learning
Imagine drifting the astral pond
To be a bright light burning
Eyes that see the future plane
Feed the ache of inner need
To conquer frontiers once again
At most incredible high speed
To meet and merge the outer mind
Discussing driving forces
At last to blend another kind
Of starlit horses on wild courses

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Masham Muttony in the County

A lamb turned up just recently
Somewhat out of place
We've no idea from where it came
Do you recognise its face
Should you have an inkling
Maybe saw it in a field
Then let us know we'll send it back
Before the mint sauce is congealed 

We highly recommend a stay with these lovely people

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Hole Truth

Today I found a pack of holes
with invisible surrounds
I put them in a see through box
in theory out of bounds
If by chance you come across them
please leave them as they are
they're sorted for convenience
so as not to look bizarre
Treat them with respect and care
so important is their place
if not holed up away from sight
they disappear without a trace 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Sweet Parity

Even handed fair to say
Equal shares avoid dismay
Frankly not a likely find
Greed is not a friendly kind
Parity's such an awful bind

Hard of heart is everywhere
Easy ruse pretend you care
Look at any needy child
Hankers for the loving mild
Let them flounder in the wild

Wealthy waster’s hearts of stone
Who nothing do apart from BLESS!
Then leave them in their lonely mess
Cut their credits useless twats
Greedy words from autocrats