Monday, 30 September 2013

Urbane Clearway

Forgive me if I'm prying
But how are you today
We may have never met before
Though I felt that I might say

I see you looking thoughtful 
Perhaps a burden of the mind
I would not wish an imposition
Even less to be unkind

You need not answer me at all
If I'm in breach of etiquette 
I will politely quietly leave the room
To speak with others not yet met

Should we ever meet again

In situations more conducive
Quite possible you won’t recall 
When we were mutually exclusive

Friday, 27 September 2013


Our galaxy core is about to explode
In year two thousand and fifteen
A super massive black hole fest
Ignites a sucked up gaseous scene

A starlight bursting energy rate
Four million times the mass of our sun
I’ll buy shares in tanning lotion
A multi-billion son of a gun

We have deck chairs in our garden
a marquee and three tents
Providing sun tans astronomical
In a year of star eyed  fete events

So here's to our shaky Milky Way
No strawberry eaten astral mess
Neutron Stars and Super Nova
a solar flare Starlight Express

Monday, 23 September 2013


Human populations
continue to grow
By the year twenty fifty 
Nine billion or so

Good news for restaurants 
Purveyors of food
Who accommodate appetite
 to sate hunger and mood

Our cattle and fisheries 
will find it hard to sustain
Causing portions and prices
to make eating a pain

Our diets need broadening
current sources unsound
Worry not for supplies 
many answers abound

Menus change fast
Restaurants Pubs or at home
For the finest ingredients
There is no need to roam

Ants beetle larvae
Crickets with rice
Granada cicada
Spicy cockroach with lice

Tarantula mealworm
Dry roasted red ants
Not prone to turbulence
Less strain on your pants

Many more attending
A Weight Watchers Club
Checking protein and calories
Of their favourite Grub

Food consumption expected to double by 2050


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Each Way Palomino in Reno

North Arlington Avenue
Virginia Street Reno
With hope in our pockets
We're off on a Beano

Spruced up my rabbits foot
Touching serious wood
Sensing a gold rush
My lucky lady feels good

 I'll wear a tuxedo
My Sean Connery toupee
With a large bag of chips
It’s my Goldfinger day

Monday, 16 September 2013


A heated packed out courtroom
Passions running high
With much anticipation
Facts and fictions that belie

This case we have before us
Unbelievably absurd
A test of tense and meaning
Heinous crimes against the word

Verbalising shady passages
Misconceptions risky phrases
Paragraphs offending senses
Causing wicked vacant gazes

Each case was well presented
Final summaries sought repentance
For crimes of murdering many words
The Judge gave out a lengthy sentence

They sent him down without a word
Took his pen and pad away
There's no appeal for volubility
Musing strangling words won't pay

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Attitudes of the Platitudes

'Baby on Board'
The sticker proclaimed
As they cut me up 
I might have been maimed

'Jesus Loves You'
As she gave me the finger
Such a host of invective 
From a church choir singer

'I Slow Down for Horses'
A triple horn blast
I saw nothing but 'V' signs
When at ninety they passed

Riding my tail for a mile or more
Rude venting and ranting morose
In passing I saw the sign on display
"If You Can Read This Your Driving Too Close"

Melancholy Days

Shadows of the winter
Leave a shiver in the shade
Springtime moving forward
A subtle trace of jade
Jewels of summer shimmering
Incandescently they dally
As autumn bids a farewell
From a far off distant valley

Saturday, 14 September 2013


Good old Rodney Bolton 
Has put colour in our lives
Tending our street corners
With everything that thrives

He never uses herbicide
A master gardener organic
His eye for blend and synergy
A horticultural mechanic

Everyday at sunrise
Rodney Bolton on parade 
Checking bedding and dead heading
As he manicures the glade

Such a panoramic vista
Passers by approving nod
All around our tidy neighbourhood
We acknowledge Rod the Pod

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Happie made
the record books
A speedy distance float
Thirty six meters
twenty five seconds
A skateboard racing goat
Success now gone to
Happie’s head
Her Diva attitude of late
There’s talk
she’ll run for President
A floating voting
Nanny State