Friday, 29 April 2016

Soup du jour

My utmost favourite loop-de-loop
Cock-a-leekie chicken soup
Barley thickened sprinkle rice
Peppered stock a taste suffice

If adding fruit avoid the stones
Prune julienne wont crunch your bones
Add vegetables serve boiling hot
To satisfy the Scottish lot

Basin bowl or fancy cup
For me a super-duper sup
Soupy-sloopy madly manic
Abridged aboard the lost Titanic

Monday, 25 April 2016

Garrulous Geezer

He’s such a whitter-whatter
A tonguester top for sure
Leaping hops a Nimble-chops
One tattle-monger open door

Save us from the prate-apace
Ceaseless crashing clatterfart
Irksome grating rattletrap
Gasbag chatterist jumpstart

Most annoying chewet blabberer
With lashing lips the overtalker
Motorboat with jackdaw throat
Parakeet incessant squawker

Saturday, 23 April 2016

What’s That About?

Application Icon  - Paint

 All aboard a train of thought
As we rise above our station
Designer dress American Express
No fear of implication

Out there in the open fields
From town to town and city
Among the flowerbeds of life
With little thought of nitty-gritty

Passing by the passers by
Global stages in disguise
Playing games with incognito
We shapeless forms who actualise

Friday, 22 April 2016

Almost There

Another morning on its way
Already feeling post meridian
Carriage-faces coach or train
Expressionless quotidian

‘A to B’ my journey route
I park my quark still half awake
Not yet in the scheme of things
A feckless wish for ‘Heavens Sake’

Below my surface I’m an optimist
Putting steel in my prevail
As my list keeps me together
Moving air back in my sail

My inclination is returning
With destination looming large
Keyed up I loosely adumbrate
Convinced again that I’m in charge

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Rough Draft

A pencil poised in readiness
On the wrong side of the page
Much effort to reveal the seal
And so unlock the cage

Landlocked out of purpose
Intentions on parole
Almost there but out of tune
On a field without a goal

Words arrive without effect
Lacking spark and shine
A cursive cursed connection
Another nearly one of mine

Insufficient paragraphs
Played out words that sulky slink
Textbook method without meaning
Turn out written in stale ink