Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Wise Wind Blowing

Don’t buy into the ridicule
From those who stand apart
Showing petulance on flatulence
at every passing ‘Horse and Cart’
The healthiest of body states
Operatic airs most smart
proliferate the great and good
In lofty halls of D’Oyly Carte
So essential is the sulphur pout
among the best eighteen per day
Will demonstrate a wealth of health
Sing loud and proud without dismay

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Saw this great pic on Google+ 'Humourica'
Peel me a slice of chewing gum
I taste of last nights 'too much wine'
My head not speaking to my mind
Apart from that I’m feeling fine

The city lights that lifted me
now serve my morning after pain
I followed go-lights everywhere
To battle sunlight’s bright refrain

The shards are sharp and piercing
looking daggers as I wrangle
Slips and trips I muddle carelessly
Veiled in deep sleep’s tethered tangle


Origin:  mid 17th century: from late Latin crapulentus 'very drunk', from Latin crapula 'inebriation', from Greekkraipalē 'drunken headache'.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


At my old age I must confess
A mite too old to join the army
To keep me busy in quiet hours
I ‘ve joined the fold in origami

It meets my needs for creases
Sharply pressed like on parade
with discipline in line within
on shapes of things perfectly made

In my troop of transformation
I do a general five star thing
Sculpt and pleat my flagging standards
Compute a tessellating string

With scheme and keen precision
Fine strategic plans revealed
A flawless game of pastime
Winning secrets well concealed

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Apathy Anonymous

Oh God! Now I see the light!

Vatican Stan has a paper trail
need all boxes to be ticked
Missing data unacceptable
each tiny detail very strict

Any missing information
Will ‘not at all’ be tolerated
as written in the small print
Legal statutes now updated

Analyzed statistics
the benchmarks underline
your standing and your ranking
your rendition they decline

Do not expect an explanation
that you can ever understand
 Your colour coding plainly grey
Denies your place in wonderland

Should you think this minor tale
unworthy of your note
Wake up its called autocracy
When electorates don't vote