Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Last Day of Summer

Twenty third September
draws a line on summer day’s
optimism fading fast
in the mist of summer haze

No more those garden soiree’s
idling freely by the pond
effusive friendly moments
sipping sustenance most fond

Autumn winds are taunting
naked knees in summer shorts
Rustling leaves are whispering
Greater need for warm supports

The Stasher

Sitting counting watch it mounting
a total spacial pleasure
then carefully to lock away
returning for good measure

The clink of coin the paper crunch
the tightly packed amount
the tot-up and the tallying
the growth of each account

The Stasher’s rush of speediness
a pounding inward crash
brings up a final pleading
on the settlement of cash

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Neutrino

On the subject of neutrino’s
I’m divided either way
neither positive nor negative
more a neutral kind of sway

This sub-atomic study
keeping genius on the run
by carrying momentum
solar cosmic little one

But for the fiddling layman
the magnet’s in the bin
my mass of words defeated
by the half-integer spin

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Culprit

What shall we call the malcontent
a blackguard sneaky loafer
a social snide incompetent
or softly, softly gopher
Little hope for retribution
at such absent social flair
lacking honest contribution
from a riffraff without care
Showing little sign of penitence
bereft of any blame
A hoodlum’s life of reticence
in a queasy hall of shame

It doesn’t do to ponder long
on punishment and crime
for the rising cost of justice
is the culprit’s waste of time

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Ukulele Bug

Times have changed much recently
Lots less for me  to do
that bottle of time is trickling sand
the sky is less than blue

I’ve pondered various lists of things
of pastimes weekly daily
not too large or cumbersome
perhaps a ukulele

There is a catch the subjects vast
a multitude of voices
Soprano Tenor Baritone
A concert load of choices

Not forgetting Wood and shape
ply or laminated
side or rear, pegs or gear
what chords? Which key? debated

Never mind I’ll take the plunge
and get one anyway
to sit and strum and overcome
the ennui dreary day

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Termite

Woodland munching epicure
a gastronome detritivore

nature’s master omnivore

beams, floor or dwelling door

At home in mudcrete jungle mire

sharing comfort front room fire

in subtle taste to hearts desire

where ever neighbourhood’s aspire

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Nong

In a barren waste dominion

with unyielding mad opinion

sits a tyrant Nong professing

full control of every minion

Such wealth and mighty power

in a soaring lofty tower

the Nong is contemplating
that menials will shower

All thirst and hunger sated

all treasures logged and dated

a noble Nong concludes in song

that death is overrated