Friday, 31 October 2014

Death On The Smile

A monstrous mouth with many tongues
Spilling discourse uttered foul
Contented with unpleasantness
Dripping drool from sputtered jowl

This fetid gob of negativity
Is spouting pompously at will
Blatant beastly grinding gunshot
Unclean grist defames the mill

Green eyes blurred by sickly visions
Drawn from midnight hatching plots
Where joy is sought by getting even
Concealed in plagues of pustule spots

Based on a play by Gillian Brakespeare

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Turning Tony’s Pages

I didn't know Tony but when asked to compile a jaunty ditty in his memory I was given bullet points as follows: 
  • Moved from Lincoln to Hull. Knowledgeable on a wide rage of subjects and a man of whit. A career teacher turned gardener. A local band guitarist musician who delighted in a roll-up from his tobacco pouch. Found new life and happiness with partner Janis with who enjoyed many a good holiday. 

This man of thoughts and facets
Garden thumb of Lincoln green
Not for him a millionaire
Though enjoyed the music scene

Played guitar and entertained
In and out of rolled up joints
Supporting hand to a local band
On evenings out his finer points

Noted for his brainy whit
Quips wry-grins a major feature
A knowledge base entitled him
To become a much loved teacher

In later years a white van man
He’d cut you up and beg your pardon
Hoot his horn with friendly scorn
Turn your wilderness to garden

With travelling partner Janis
A loving life abroad
Spent here and there a couple’s share
The pleasant best they could afford

When his final venue played full house
Closing quietly his curtain
Gave Center stage a final bow
We’ll miss him much and that’s for certain

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Persimmon By The Way

Tasty fruit something between a tomato and apple
only recently seen in the UK

Triumphant fruit of eastern gist
Will decide ones lemon sense
A rule of thumb a lotus plum
Food possibilities immense

Harvest handpicked cultivar
Fabled fruit flesh of the Gods
The ‘Wheat of Zeus’ this nectar juice
Incredible tasty edible pods

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mugs Away

Appealing aspects of a drinking cup
Crystal china porcelain
Add a certain something pleasantly
When reflecting in the main

Complimentary to your company
Whether clustered or alone
Supplying genial good humour
Obliging reachable in tone

Ignore its power at your peril
When setting value at your scene
It is a baseline non negotiable
When serving tattiness unclean