Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Future Is Ours To See

Misconceptions far and wide
From those who feel our world is dying
Screaming out ‘We’re killing it!’
We’ve done damage no denying

But the planet doesn’t give a hoot
It has endured much more than us
Volcano’s, sulphur, acid rain
Deadly asteroids without fuss

Earthquakes floods and boiling muds
All kinds of species been and gone
Atmospherically unbearable
Blocked off light where sun once shone

As for each and all we clever apes
With brilliance and power
Speaking billions of years on earth
We measure less than half an hour

Think about how well the earth
Has grown from every cutting chase
Then think again how you and I
May preserve our precious place

We almost count nine billion
So many hopes and dreams to crave
On this most fruitful giving planet
To share this space we need to save

All the love and hate excessive waste
With so much selfishness aside
Take much more care it’s down to us
To curb our species suicide

Unlikely we could ever save a planet but we can save our place on it.


  1. excellent prose, well thought out. Love it.

    1. Thank you Denise the cliche'd 'Save The Plant' misses the point entirely and is there leadership focussed on anything but rhetoric? Probably not, but lets us not give up on our obligation to survive.