Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Then What?

Kevin Speed is flitting fast
His mind full of tomorrows
He lives his life a month ahead
Parts of today he only borrows

Get a move on lets get going
Step and fetch it on the run
This time next week maybe an hour
To stop awhile and have some fun

Don’t sit there for too long now
Unless your reading things to do
You can catch your breath next Friday
On the train to Bakerloo

Come on lets boogie stir your stumps
Crack on make haste toot-toot
High tail it scoot skidoo raise dust
Grass is growing don't take root

We can eat in seat-free restaurants
Standing starts create headway
No need to dwell don’t break the spell
Shake a leg, press on, make hay

"If you’re not worn out yet read again."

Sam Harris on the Paradox of Meditation and How to Stretch Our Capacity for Everyday Self-Transcendence

"Montaigne believed that meditation is the finest exercise of one's mind and David Lynch uses it as an anchor of his creative integrity. Over the centuries, the ancient Eastern practice has had a variety of exports and permutations in the West, but at no point has it been more vital to our sanity and psychoemotional survival than amidst our current epidemic of hurrying and cult of productivity. It is remarkable how much we, as a culture, invest in the fitness of the body and how little, by and large, in the fitness of the spirit and the psyche – which is essentially what meditation provides."

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