Monday, 30 June 2014

Whispering Squirrels

In hushed tones surreptitiously
From the furtive side of hand
The covert and clandestine
Undercover countermand

Suggestively deceptive
Concealment cautiously disguised
Softly softly taking stealthy steps
The only evidence surmised

Tunnels to compartments
Underhand below the ground
Where the secrets keeping confidence
Find perfect answers quite unsound

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Where's my book?

While your there reflect awhile
On well spent intermissions
House of office presidential
A place to be in all conditions

We’ve laid to rest our cloakroom
Remodelled to beguile
A comfort room palatial space
In Sanitarios throne room style

A dust free closet powder room
Our privy washroom jakes delight
Very necessary reading room
Must-have convenience day or night

This big white phone receiving calls
Confidential super bowl
No sign of waste nor moved in haste
A head of class aspiring goal

A Germ too Many

Like a rockery of crockery
My mind deeply reflecting
On how to stack upon a rack
cups and glasses for inspecting

Upside down or open-mouthed
How to place them wet or dry
Is it likely that a dusty bowl
may be distasteful to the eye

I make a mockery of crockery
a most unnecessary fetish
Where to wash and how to store
Overblown I'm  feeling pettish

Friday, 27 June 2014

Sweet Temptation The Spice of Life

Oh sugar, sugar sweet desire
To energetically explode
A taste of irresistible
All reluctant qualms implode

Such poison of the pleasantly
Die for sweets to ring your bell
Too fond of all things fondant
Gateau frosted caramel

As with all things uncontrollable
Where too much gets you in the end
Beware the sugar candy mountain
 Crazy helter-skelter bend

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Right or Wrong Song

The subject toleration
either side of trepidation
Needs a better explanation
 on attitude and indignation

Not a simple conversation
On strains of contemplation
Where ideas on conservation
Fight change by innovation

A stepping stone or station
May indicate a destination
Fool you into slow stagnation
As one gave up investigation

Observing every indication
May be a path to mediation
Ruffles smoothed by moderation
Quests unsolved by limitation