Thursday, 19 June 2014

Circle Line

Thirteen London Boroughs
Served by the Circle Line
Bear left at Paddington Edgware Road
On Baker Street your route define

For BBC Great Portland Street
Euston Square for BMA
Kings Cross then onto Farringdon
Near where money people play

As a postern in the city wall
To the credit of Moorgate
Among the busy Liverpool Street
To the markets of Aldgate

Feeling treasonous at Tower Hill
Climb the steps and feel the fire
At the Monument by London Bridge
Is Fish Street’s column to the pyre

Light your candle wick on Cannon street
London Stone will suit your measure
Where you may Bank on your assurances
Eight local pubs for deals at leisure

The power base of Blackfriars
Brothers of the chapel cap
Scandal monger’s of the printing press
Henry’s crown on Katherine’s lap

City liberties at Temple Bar
Where the Barristers reside
Embankment walks to Westminster
From London’s Eyes no place to hide

Take Pall Mall to St. James’s Park
Seat of a Monarch’s final bed
One day a King of all surveyed
Then laid to rest without his head

Victoria where her venue changed
A carriage ride to Buckingham Palace
This gallery of Kings and Queens
Found abdications poisoned chalice

From Cadogan to the Grosvener’s
Ostentatiously Sloane Square
A Kings Road link to Knightsbridge
South Kensington’s Thurloe Square

Taking ales and fine wine fine dining
At T.S. Elliot’s Gloucester road
To the royal pen at High Street Ken
Cream of Knightsbridge al la mode

Antiques and Carnivals Notting Hill
If you’re a Circle Line Supporter
Cock-a-hoop complete the loop
Game set and match at Queens Bayswater

This was my challenge, to write a roundabout rhyme on the twenty six underground stations which make a historical tour around the power houses of London remarkably achievable. 'My Kind of City'. Next time you are in London shopping get a ticket and hail the rail.

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