Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I Promised Myself

Wise moves are slow strokes

Today I choose to life my live
To fold the past away
Let the future be tomorrows view
To make no effort of today

Best plans laid out before me
To make the most of all I can
To actively enjoy the small
Keeping pace within my span

If others are among my means
We’ll just hang out without a fuss
Accepting driving forces
Should we need to catch a bus

Every chore I’m undertaking
I will enthuse as one more mile
On the stepping stones of getting there
I carry lightness in my smile

I cannot change the way of things
As I only have right now
Contributing by stepping up
Removing burdens on my brow

Withdrawals from my happy bank
Smiling early in advance
Pay attention to my beating heart
No longer someone else’s dance

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