Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year Pledge

Another year passes
Raising our glasses
Looking forward 
To changes anew
Affirming sincerely
Ritualistically yearly
Refreshing our 
Staid points of view
Sloshed at the party
Effervescently hearty
Promises made
Without thought
Childishly cheesy
Drunks feeling queasy
Pledging to do
What they ought.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

In The Dark

The shady sombre dusky cloak
Waves a cloud of moonless smoke
A silent journey's dreamlike creep
No fear of depths or mighty steep
The eerie dims descend at will
A picture house expectant thrill
Coated eyes in nightfall free
Scatter midnight shadows emptily
Opaque envelops colour fades
As nature plays the Ace of Spades 

The Ace of Spades the legendary death card. It also signifies the time of Yule that brings on the death of the year - 21st December. Deemed the highest card in a deck of cards it is credited with being the most powerful.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Three of Us

The smitten bitten dazzled stunned
Staking hearts on long shot bets
Disregarding crooked consequence
In solemn promise with one's pets

Wretched love lorn Barbarella
No more crushed no longer bitter
Ménage à trois with hubby tabbies
Flush with cash to kitty litter

They’ve taken off to Lanzarote
Spooning crooning loves delight
Contented catty choruses
On silvery moonlight purring nights

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Deepest mornings icy spiteful
Turn my winter warmers cold
Departing days down on my knees
Hinting everything is old

Creaky songs for croaky voices
Where memories recall
Giving romance to the icicles
Teardrops writing on the wall

Looking back on better days
Dreaming untold stories new
A sense of fertile vagueness
To rekindle my construe

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

So Be It

Very primitive here

Can’t help thinking back to then
All those umpteen years ago
When deference and reverence
Burned in protest’s stormy glow

When all those times were changing
Running insults out of town
With declining moral high ground
And the clown's disdainful frown

When the sneering high and mighty
Where discovered indisposed
Wearing cloaks that hid their disrepute
As tainted fabric decomposed

Law and order writhing in the mud
Wished to smother human rights
Far from ignorant the aberrant
Hide in towers of withering heights

As the final push of bigotry
In cold and dark Arabian nights
Tyrant pulpits run by bandits
Crumble ruins of rundown rites

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Beset By My Silhouette

Picture: Zied Smida Google+
Proprietario di Centre d'appareillage orthopedique (ortho-vite) sfax tunisia.
The shape I'm in behind my back
Declares a walk-on passer by
Hinting that my kind of lights
Are floating angles sunlight shy

Reminding me how humdrum is
In down to earth reality
With here I am and there I go
Formless cape of captured me

We turn up often on each other
Like unawareness in a mist
When together we are living proof
That both of us exist