Thursday, 4 December 2014

Teddy Bears the Picnic Blues

Teddy happened on a fortune
A serious bundle of cash
Left to him by his dear old dad
Who wasn't one to make a splash

Platinum Gold and various jewels
In concealed offhand locations
Wads and wads of nifty notes
A mattress pile of low inflation

To the visiting eye a filthy sty
Where even thieves refused to tread
A cavernous wallow ghostly hollow
Three weeks his dad lay dead

Neighbours were complaining
When calling Ted expressed alarm
Suspicious minds had a sniffed a rat
We think your dad has bought the farm

The house now his and all within
Shocking wealth beyond his dreams
Phenomenal hoards below floorboards
Pillowcases cash strained seams

Teddy couldn’t bear the thought
Letting so much wealth go idle
With stallion gait he galloped off
Packed saddlebags no need no bridle

Celebrations seven days a week
Teddy bared with broad abandon
Dazzling fashionista vista
Amid the ritzy glitz of London

Whirlwind days and night-time glaze
Morning after devastation
When counting up found petty cash
Dripped ice cold beads of perspiration

Taking stock he fixed a lock
Turned the central heating out
Exchanged the lamps for candle light
Made prudent plans to turn about

Every asset with a value risk
He realised and took the loss
Cancelled clubs steered clear of pubs
All other stuff that gathered moss

Teddy now surveyed his bareness
A sombre lesson he found funny
How a dogs life is a foolish road
When one ignores the cost of money

It is best that one should not forget
On either side of any ocean
Lack of balance is your exit sign
Isaac Newton’s law of motion

Fixating questions on compulsion
Penny pincher’s without doubt
Living breathing in a wealthy pound
Assured of never going without

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