Wednesday, 25 November 2015

In The Passing Of Rhyme

Long ago a ponderous muse
Stirred in deeper thought
Considering how other ways
By implication might contort

Between a storm of simulation
Drums of motivation pounded
In scrambled forms of possibilities
Which shunned philosophies unfounded

A vanguard at the forefront
Too far ahead yet building steam
In a pightle where discovery
Once cast-off a doubtful scheme

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Oh Me Oh My Omega

Baseline food for living a life
Expressed in health addressed
Evade the fad discard the bad
Super tunes beat in your chest

Maintain your pipes and organs
Be free of clogged up lumps
Let song play in your theatre
Classic smooth without the jumps

Whatever your personal preference
Special taste or to minimise waste
everyone knows not anything goes
Starvation no place for straight lace

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Opacity Sagacity

Narrow Norman with his sailing sight
Horizons too far out
Meanings missed in the tidal gist
Coordination’s lewdly shout

Lost alone in blinkered misery
Curtains pulling on his view
Collisions sketching rough precisions
As dismal outlooks may accrue

Narrow Norman must now own up
Take a longer look at options
Slice the brace undo the lace
Cancel new-age old concoctions

Friday, 13 November 2015

Happy At Play

Thrilled To The Bone

The week is almost over
As Friday night gets heady
On the town without a frown
On your marks get ready

Rhythmic hearts are beating
To the dance of Friday night
The easy day is down your way
With Saturday in sight

City lights are tremulous
On the night side of the winning
Friday smiles for many miles
Every stop a new beginning

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Inside Outside Heads Apart

Quiet corner silent space
Unhindered in reflection
Considering the scheme of things
Finding power in subjection

Not concerned with why one is
Nor how notable a mission
Deep in mind with what I find
Discovering steps to each decision

Conversations had within oneself
Rarely ever written down
Press on me a sense of mystery
As fuzzy logic breaks it down

The weight of things one must weigh up
From that insistent inner voice
If left ignored may leave one floored
At worst denied another choice

So here it is and there I am
A fissure pulsing in the matter
A dream a scheme a scattered meme
A real imagined me I flatter

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

La Nourriture

Together sitting taking tea
Discussing nothing much at all
Background noises merging
Like interludes at Albert Hall

Voices trailing night ships sailing
To places who knows where
All around a union sound
Filled with people unaware

The cafĂ© loud with lively crowd
Scraping seats and cutlery
Coming going toing  froing
Hall of smart-set imagery

Waitrons bringing orders winging
Sweet or savoury desires
Table numbers no one slumbers
Is all that pleasantry requires

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