Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Underground Gang

We stand together unaware
That some have met before
In regular indifference
Keeping close the sliding door
The body heat lay's heavy
As we crave each passing stop
Avoiding all eye contact
Counting every island hop
Ordeals endured are here and now
External pressure in the cube
Every strain of sinew over tight
Crushing rush hour London Tube

Morn Walking

Walk the early morning
Any City anywhere
Remind yourself you are alive
Even more than you might dare
Feel your senses feel your place
Absorb the vacant waiting
All too soon, all is reclaimed
No time for hesitating
The city speed is gearing up
Rippled waves that saturate
Tides won't turn 'til early hours
As dawn renews the city state

Upon My Word

Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Day 18/06/13

What was it that you said to me
Such a word to understand
You may think it might impress
I feel it somewhat underhand
Your message hard to see I fear
Upon my ear is quite frustrating
Your choice of word leaves me far out
Just like the point you're demonstrating
Your finest word delivery fails
If the listener feels unable
To understand your circumstance
Without a dictionary at the table

Monday, 24 June 2013

News on the Tom-Toms

BBC Health News Link 'Tomatoes are Stroke Preventors

A fighting phytochemical
carotene and cartenoid
in finest fruit and vegetables
to keep your body sound and buoyed

Some say it’s not essential
when it comes to nutrients
as praises gain momentum
most likely its good sense

Tomato juice or ketchup sauce
makes a breakfast meal cuisine
your organ tunes more merrier
when enriched with lycopene

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Book

Open cover prologue bound
A feeling for the plot
Wondrous phrases aptly put
To curl your mind up in a knot
Choice words plainly spoken
Create a shocking sudden start
Playing mayhem with your fair and square
Will tear your confidence apart
Spinning wildly like a parachute
At speed you plummet deep
Beads of sweat and racing heart
Consumes your weariness and sleep

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Thunder clapping mornings
Eclipsing my alarm
Howls of crazy roosters
Bad dreams about the farm

Hemmed in by picket fences
Such an early hour to wait
I might have met the postman
But left her struggling with the gate

I tell myself I have free will
In full control of every movement
My pillow hugs my weary head
My situation needs improvement

Reluctant coffee in my cup
The lazy kettle takes too long
Boiling bubbles lacking strength
My vacant radio has no song