Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Writers Promise

I thought I’d write the perfect line
In stylish structure entertaining
Vivacious in each forceful phrase
Meaningful and most pertaining

All the world would crowd around
Charmed by my use of clear expression
So much emotion and sensation
In corridors of wild progression

I met a couple of writers in York last Sunday. Both suffering first line blues.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Lay It On Me

A circle spinning new beginnings
A seasons promises unfolding
Winter's claws behind closed doors
Discarded weak no longer holding

In the air there is excitement
A sense of change is bubbling up
Today my special breakfast
Is cracking eggs in my egg cup

I lay in wait and expectation
Breath held lungs like powder kegs
Daylight saving has me craving
For those springtime Easter Eggs

Saturday, 26 March 2016


This picture networked by A Savin

Faded flower petals
now residues of once
Water in the vase 
requires new rain
Nightlight shines a way 
to new tomorrows
This midnight hour 
wont see us here again

New days must win 
each battle by the hour
Tomorrow’s sun waits 
hidden by the clouds
We stand together holding 
tear tight hands
sailing slowly tying down 
our steering shrouds

I found this astonishing picture 26th March 2016 posted  as 'picture of the day' on Wikimedia Commons I had spent some time considering ideas on how we might emerge from grief. A delicate subject at best but one we must all face at various times. May I recommend The Man Moves Earth by Cathy Song which caused me to reflect on grief stricken times and our continuance beyond.

In this rhyme I have used Shrouds from Oxford Dictionaries,com "(shrouds) A set of ropes forming part of the standing rigging of a sailing boat and supporting the mast or topmast."

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

English Litter A Chore (A Rubbish Story of Live and Let Litter)

Containers cartons sachets sacks
Carrier bags so tightly jammed
Ribbon ties that bind supplies
Bundled parcels package crammed

Wrappings wrapping many things
Magazines and snack time bites
Blister packs instruction facts
Enough to give me sleepless nights

Barely noticing detritus drops
Our city streets are paved with waste
Burgers fries and chewing gum
All rotting mucky slimes misplaced

Our throw away society grows
Discarded consciences run wild
Ignoring empty trash can dumps
Streets and avenues high piled

Link to BBC Radio 4 Costing the Earth

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hey Ho A Dice to Throw

We are like minded

With regard to Euro union
What we should or shouldn’t do
We need a basic presentation
Not a PC point of view

We cannot make our minds up
On possibilities from both sides
Politicians playing ‘one-up’ games
Based on parliament's divides

We need a belt and braces rationale
Pros and cons one-way or other
Not a could be might be guessing game
Where each alternative one can smother

We cannot make a reasoned choice
From the rants of babbling bleats
That play on fear or reputation smear
Post Scary-Wary media tweets

Playing petty Ping-Pong games
When so much future is at stake
Seems like taking tea in wonderland
With little sign of sharing cake

The battle is between the haves
Among themselves they fight for more
Whilst we the lesser worker Bees
Either way no goals to score

In or out let’s stop let’s go
Who will win no one can tell
Voting outcome will not mean a thing
Too  far to ring that future’s bell

Daily Telegraph 6:15AM GMT 23 Mar 2015

"The report unearths one profoundly important truth: if we decide to leave the EU, whether we flourish or fail will depend on the political and economic decisions we take in the wake of departure. Of itself, leaving the EU will guarantee neither success nor failure."

Ropey's Comment
We are told that the upcoming referendum one way or another is vital to the future of our United Kingdom. So far, those who supposedly know better are doing very little to present their views to inspire a largely ignorant electorate. Apart from the racists bigots who see anything non-British as a mess that needs wiping up. For what it's worth the referendum result will be down to which faction bothers to turn up and vote.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Pleasure Treasures

Mandy with her candy tray
Sugar, sugar sweet desire
Much loved moments secretly
Searing taste buds set on fire

Surrounded by temptations
Cravings tease seductively
Every piece a prize to agonise
They titillate implicitly 

Toffees bonbons melting treats
Blissful softly shell self centred
Packet wrapped richly capped
Sweetest nothings oriented

A treacle pout when offered out

No favourites they're restricted
Each supplement of succulence
Keep her hopelessly addicted

Daily Telegraph: By 
"French scientists in Bordeaux reported that in animal trials, rats chose sugar over cocaine (even when they were addicted to cocaine), and speculated that no mammals’ sweet receptors are naturally adapted to the high concentrations of sweet tastes on offer in modern times."

Story Link

Additional Sugar News Link

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Shy In The Sky

The latest news on aliens
Apparently they suck
A thousand hoovers hovering
That’s quite a lot of muck

Such is space technology
Alien visitor convoys
Obscured unseen invisible
Just can’t keep down the noise
One wonders why they bother
In our dust bowl full of mites
Where housework is a daylight thing
We don’t do hoovering at nights

Was it illusion, hoax or truly a visit from abroad?

One must question how discreet visits by aliens with amazing technology would sound like  one thousand vacuum cleaners. Advanced technologies may well have solved anti-gravity propulsion enabling them to travel  vast distances quietly. Heat dissipation might also be in the equation all seemingly undetected by standard scientific measurement. Thank you Mr MacDonald for a great article and headline without which this alien rhyme may never have been penned.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Living Is Giving

On planet Terra Firma
This temporary station
Every form of life competing
In pursuit of inclination

Adapting to environment
Perfecting poor creation
Ingest divest to be the best
Vital race for domination

Living lives beyond compare
Struggle hard to be a winner
Natural forces elemental
Born to end up something’s dinner

Monday, 14 March 2016

Anthropic Topic

Oh we the weekday weary slaves
Pressing on to please the knaves
Five days on pursuing cash
Provide the Board with monster mash

Thankful for our teamwork trials
As Number One chalks up air miles
So thankful for a place among
A lesser choir of songs unsung

They know our place we faintly trace
Excluded from the winners chase
To make ends meet on static pay
'Bums on seats' our soubriquet

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Up Against The Wall

Discerning super structures
Gravitational in clusters
Awesome finally relates
How frontier thinking musters

Rival bursts of gamma rays
Throwing light at quasars
Validates what specs can see
On amplified trailblazers

Recognizing route maps
In otherworldly terms
A teardrop filled bacterium
In a mote of thinking germs

8 March 2016

Billion-light-year galactic wall may be largest object in cosmos