Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hey Ho A Dice to Throw

We are like minded

With regard to Euro union
What we should or shouldn’t do
We need a basic presentation
Not a PC point of view

We cannot make our minds up
On possibilities from both sides
Politicians playing ‘one-up’ games
Based on parliament's divides

We need a belt and braces rationale
Pros and cons one-way or other
Not a could be might be guessing game
Where each alternative one can smother

We cannot make a reasoned choice
From the rants of babbling bleats
That play on fear or reputation smear
Post Scary-Wary media tweets

Playing petty Ping-Pong games
When so much future is at stake
Seems like taking tea in wonderland
With little sign of sharing cake

The battle is between the haves
Among themselves they fight for more
Whilst we the lesser worker Bees
Either way no goals to score

In or out let’s stop let’s go
Who will win no one can tell
Voting outcome will not mean a thing
Too  far to ring that future’s bell

Daily Telegraph 6:15AM GMT 23 Mar 2015

"The report unearths one profoundly important truth: if we decide to leave the EU, whether we flourish or fail will depend on the political and economic decisions we take in the wake of departure. Of itself, leaving the EU will guarantee neither success nor failure."

Ropey's Comment
We are told that the upcoming referendum one way or another is vital to the future of our United Kingdom. So far, those who supposedly know better are doing very little to present their views to inspire a largely ignorant electorate. Apart from the racists bigots who see anything non-British as a mess that needs wiping up. For what it's worth the referendum result will be down to which faction bothers to turn up and vote.

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