Saturday, 31 May 2014

Give Them A Dummy

Guilty as charged!
To learn at supersonic speed
A child will chop up dice and shred
Will question all outmoded plots
To be replaced by theirs instead 

Unless off course lobotomised
By repetitious robot action
Imprisoned, buttoned up by tap
Blocked out from interaction

Minimised by data posterised
A mind laid waste in active sand
Where reality left to see the world
To visit random lives unplanned

What can we tell the children
As love and language are mislaid
A battery world completely flat
One last sentence "I'm afraid"

Friday, 30 May 2014

Dorians Pub

Nikos - Dorians Pub
Summer easy Santorini 
Passing timeless spaces
Genteel partaking Dorians bar
A shady glade of happy faces

These wishful times so pleasant
Restful day dreams in my eye
No need to think of moving on
Or rush to leave and say goodbye

Dystopia 2014

Ill winds blowing angrily
Swirled the turning tide
Leaving those in shaky shelter
Needing somewhere else to hide

Barricades of special interests
Protecting stores and stocks
Fooled their loyal soldiers
Without keys to fit the locks

On guard they stood there daily
Keeping eyes on points of view
Slow to shift from their position
Unfurling flags of midnight blue

Many nights of falling rain
Morning cloudbursts underlined
How the weathered bad moon rising
Left good reason undermined

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Whatever! You Say.

His woman she's a lovely girl
A caring sharing heart
Aesthetically artistic
She lets him play his part

Quietly she lets him know
When he over steps the mark
A sideways glance a surly pout
With no idea he's in the dark

Sometimes he feels "I'm winning
My pillow talk is never boring
She later whips my bolster off
Her excuse to stop me snoring"

But all in all He has to say
"I love my flowery petal
She lets me think I rule the roost
Deep down she's precious metal"

Andrew and Beautiful Monster (Kirsty) in Santorini
Love Birds in the Sand. 
Love is a velvet cloak of diamonds stitched with golden threads.

It's All Your Fault!

Dwelling on elections
All possibilities all found
Apathy the driving force
Buries goodwill underground

Time to find some scapegoats
On their doorstep laying blame
Seek out the weak minorities
Pointing fingers at their shame

When the holocaust is over
And the silent voice admits
We lost our vote and sunk the boat
Not us who dug the burial pits

It was debt that robbed well being
Excessive squander not repaid
In a world of "ME" and Bling compare
Gambled risk against fair trade

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Summer Nights

A patient man stands silently
as though a statue in a town
His face a calm expression
No hint of smile no sign of frown
Passers by seem not to notice
All eyes on movement up ahead
Feint sounds of crowded music
Where lesser voices fear to tread
A random crash of breaking waves
Intrudes on almost captured thoughts
To be discarded from the consciousness 
Drawn into mirrors smoky quartz
The carnival begins at eight
A Mardi Gras of crystal shards
She walks toward him smiling
They take the road of no facades

Monday, 26 May 2014

A Dissonant Predicament

On matters most particular
solid tangible in 
Removing doubt and letting out
The substance of your  presence

In relation to each quantity
Discovering quality in place
Where you stand in time and posture
Will every action save you grace

In the end pursuing logically
Exacting proof in your possession
Beware discoloring of passion
Misguided source of your obsession

Oxford Dictionary: Predicament
A difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation:

(In Aristotelian logic) each of the ten ‘categories’, often listed as: substance or being, quantity, quality, relation, place, time, posture, having or possession, action, and passion.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sweet Tweets are Favourites You Gave to Me

No strings attached
Once again I’m on my nest of things
Thought bites wing tips fluttering’s
Watching fleeting fly-by littering’s
Full of international twittering’s

At speed a clutch of tinkering’s
Knells of bells diminishing
A chorus clamour whispering
Finding what’s about worth figuring

In the early morning flickering
A weathered eye on worms delivering
A hopeful hungry glimmering
Heaps of splatter patter picturing

Friday, 23 May 2014

On Balance

Life they say a numbers game
Erring on the side of paucity
Keeping mindful that equality
Depends upon ones generosity

Objective open mindedness
Better understood colloquially
By pursuing our humanities
Past times preferred parochially

A river flows at greater speed
if unhampered by viscosity
A route pursuit of mindfulness
Is on reflection reciprocity

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sunset Broadway

Our industrial revolvers
Cause energetic overloads
Using history to fire our lives
Burning crisis points now bodes

We need to take another route
Using clean sustaining modes
All our futures will depend upon
Sunrise sunset driven roads

Using butterfly technology
On super highway avenues
Soaking up our solar rays
A starlight truth we can’t refuse

Saved By Science?
The technology grew out of a lifelong dream of Scott Brusaw’s, who founded the company with his wife, Julie. Together their vision is to cover all roadways with solar panels, which they state on their website, “will lead to the end of our dependency on fossil fuels of any kind.”  - See more at: