Friday, 9 May 2014

Brick Lain

A Work In Process
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I leant against my kitchen wall
When emptying the bin
I felt the slightest movement
As if the wall was caving in

To my surprise I saw a gap
Just below my window frame
It seemed a brick was moving house
I said “hello what’s your game?”

Pointless talking to a brick
No sign of sorry! Or excuse
Why would it leave a perfect-fit
A one-off brick is not much use use

I called the wife to help me out
As I locked my garden gate
“Bring a trowel and mortar mix,
You’re going nowhere ‘brick’ my mate”

Out she came at rapid speed
I could only stand and stare
Tucked the brick in nice and tight
Such a wonderful repair

“Phew!” I said, “a close run thing
Good job I had it spotted”
The wife returned a wicked stare
“Clear this mess up then get knotted”

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