Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Immaculate Intentions

Janet Janitorial
and her rugged rocking cloth
Beats a path to slime and grime
With disinfecting mighty wrath

She doesn’t need a microscope
To keep bacteria at bay
With picky sticks and duster flicks
The Germy dodgers fade away

Far from fussed with mounting dust
Laying waste to microbe sludge
She’ll bug the mite with dynamite
No sign of blemish smear or smudge

She may to you seem janitorial
More like an Angel in the mire
But Janet is a mop up star
Ship-shape supreme on fire

Janet is a care worker of high calibre. Apart from utmost civility in her human interactive skills she is a  thoroughly busy person in the upkeep of hygiene and general order for those in her care.

Oxford Dictionaries - Janitor Line breaks: jani|tor
Pronunciation: /ˈdʒanɪtə/

Definition of janitor in English:


chiefly North American
caretaker or doorkeeper of a building.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Suds Law (Something in the soap)

I like to think I’m keeping clean
Shower vigorously with soap
Change my towel once a week
To help the planet cope

Soaps I use have bragging rights
Smelling good enough to drink
Though six days on removing drips
My wearied towels are on the brink

Perhaps some kind of residue
Which infects and taints my wipe
Sprays bacterial material
A type of towel shabby stipe

Maybe a clue that clarifies
Whether washing hot or cold
A dormant something in my drips
The wet effect of water mould

Hesitant it makes me feel
Somehow forlorn and lacking hope
If I don't smell then what the hell 
There must be something in the soap

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Autumn Gathering

Weather forecasts look untimely
With little promise to the good
The autumn smell of burning leaves
Pull tight the cord on summer’s hood

I'm oiling shutter hinges loose
Feeling sad with window pains
As the view outside is struggling
Losing thoughts as winter gains

Summer memories are holding on
As autumn rain drips off my brim
Compressing air on clothes I wear
Like fading daylight’s lack of whim

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Infected Planet

I Blame You!

No need to look for UFO’s
Or aliens passing through
As with all humanity and us
Beings strangely here on view

Crazy creepy and clandestine
Cloak and dagger in disguise
A clever crowd of fabricators
Purporting all things otherwise

We analyse the ins and outs
How little things play crafty tricks
Then rearrange by shuffling
Removing natural from the mix

We look upon our tribal rites
As something special in reserve
Separating those we’d rather not
With penalties they so deserve

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Menu Gestation Sensation

Macaulay the Gourmet resourceful
Will create an imaginative morsel
Inventive with style a dish will compile
Such flavoursome menus insightful

Macaulay a fine epicurean
Exceeding food standards criterion
Adding zest to the tang his praises are sang
Serving gamely a dish gallinacean

Macaulay of great preparations
Provides flavour to high expectations
Use of season worthwhile aromas beguile
Most incredible food machinations

Merriam Webster Definition of GALLINACEOUS:  of or relating to an order (Galliformes) of heavy-bodied largely terrestrial birds including the pheasants, turkeys, grouse, and the common domestic chicken