Thursday, 29 November 2012

Night Rhyme Lyrics

Lying still awake last night
Day dreaming in advance
Making mental music notes
To a half imagined dance

Those fitful rubber rhythms
Of gliding traffic passing by
Soft beat of random raindrops
Leftover teardrops from the sky

Hearing songs of early sunrise
Whispered promises that fade
To the hollow hearted traveller
Who’s seeking one last hit parade

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Who Dunnit

When Yasser Arafat passed away
still far away from peace
death at merely seventy five
from pointing fingers no release

They say his laundry articles
underline a mystery
containing alpha particles
a poisonous conspiracy

Last supper from Ramallah
Kindly served up in his room
Is now subjectively concluded
As may have brought about his doom

Among the best of Tel Aviv
Say a medical symposium
Products laced up dastardly
with massive doses of polonium

Always best to check ingredients
A task not undertaken gaily
For potions lurk potentially
A threat to Arab or Israeli

After a supper of fish, chicken, hummus, tomatoes and green salad, all from the market in Ramallah, washed down with homeopathic drinks from an upmarket health store in Tel Aviv (there's the clue), Arafat complained of severe stomach pains. His condition rapidly got worse.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Cult of Insult

How dare you disagree with me
on things that I believe
and because you have insulted me
in legal reprimand you’ll grieve

How dare you hurt my feelings
with your difference of opinion
you must now endure the question
in rigid halls of dark dominion

How dare you raise uncertainty
profess another point view
your cheek is most offensive
SECTION 5 will deal with you

 Where is the Zen in Buddhism now?

How ironic that we live in a society that prides itself on 'Free Speech' and yet irrationally undermines the very idea by allowing a courtroom to decide if I or someone else might feel insulted. 
There are a growing number of extremists who are prepared to maim or murder on the basis that they have been insulted. I plead that all must call to REFORM SECTION 5 or as a consequence suffer the loss of a most basic but essential HUMAN RIGHT.

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Blind Believer

Collected passages written down
dreams of hope and songs of praise
wishful thinking laws passed down
to cure a frantic fear malaise

Look no further it is written here
in prose profound and towering
accept this righteous guide sincere
to quell the need of gifted flowering

Obedience without questioning
if your pursuit is your salvation
accepting disapproval's lessening
or risk their spiteful condemnation

In our world today there is so much control and repression so many threats and terrorizations. So much spite and hatred all in the name of a loving God. Don't you think that's a little strange.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Creative Writing

I write a simple essay
With varieties of words
Of long ago beginnings
Before dinosaurs were birds
Where everything was eaten
By everything around
Giving taking body breaking
Evacuation’s merry go round
In the market of the mouthfuls
Exchanging heave and spew
Freeing decomposing soldiers
To create new recipes in stew

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Savita Without Mercy

In good faith they murdered Savita

Betrayed in her hour of need
To the halls of knowledge and wisdom
Gave her trust and was left there to bleed

She suffered much anguish and pain
For a faith which she had no belief
Ignoring her rights and her pleadings
To die powerless no mercy no relief

Shame on the government bystanders
who gave way to the doctrinaire rule
squandering human rights of its women
unworthy inhuman so cruel

For Ireland and all women
Picture Link
From the Guardian
Then she died. She died of septicaemia and E Coli. She died after three and a half days of excruciating pain. She died after repeatedly begging for an end to the pregnancy that was poisoning her. Her death would have been avoided if she had been given an abortion when she asked for it – when it was clear she was miscarrying, and that non-intervention would put her at risk. But the foetus, which had no chance of survival, still had a heartbeat. Its right to life quite literally trumped hers. US politicians and "pro-life" advocates like Joe Walsh will tell you that there are no circumstances under which women need abortions to avoid death or injury. The Republican platform doesn't include an exception for medically necessary abortion. And the Republican party is trying to put laws similar to those in Ireland on the books in the United States – laws that would allow emergency room doctors to refuse to perform abortions, even in cases where the pregnant woman's life or health depends on terminating the pregnancy.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

1% Lug the Superbug

British doctors at Hospital Rosie
have put paid to the bug MRS. A
not by messing with pharmacognosy
but by tracking its source DNA

Not just a question of healthier barriers
cleaning carefully walls floors and torus
looking out for the one per cent carriers
Spreading Staphylococci aureus

Three loud cheers for the institute Sanger
much more cover beneath their umbrella
whether steaks or poor meat in your banger
Curing toxic E. coli and salmonella

I do hope this Ropey Rhyme is not catching

Saturday, 10 November 2012

In the Passing of Time

I don't recall not being here
without a road to walk upon
nor do I wish being there again 
or forever moving on

For awhile I’m lingering 
and thinking what I feel
imagining and dreaming 
what is living what is real

How wonderful those early days
when play was ecstasy
accepting that I knew my place
amongst my friends and family

When all my sand has trickled
to the all but final grain
I trust the clues I leave behind
were not written down in vain

Thursday, 8 November 2012

In Spite of Crated Hatred

Inspired from a thought by @kayodei:

It must be really frustrating for those who hate everyone  to be lumped in with just one group of haters.

There are comfortless
wet blankets
a sort of overthrow
on life
who can flat line 
any pleasure
with an outpour
gush of strife
Each tasteless
mouldy mouthing
spouts disgust 
and soggy trash
from a jawless
oral cavity
a verbal irksome
spewing splash
Crates of jam packed
tight with odium
and nauseating heave
as the welcome fades
long after virtue
took its leave