Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Rhyme Resoluton

I’ll aim this year to pen a rhyme
a verse that scans and pleases
a perfect stanza rhythm in time
some cheeky taunts and teases

Writing rhyme is what I do
a sort of niggling obligation
avoiding things I should eschew
strange words like trepidation

Saturday, 29 December 2012

She was Jyoti Singh Pandey.

The victim "passed away peacefully"
somehow I can’t agree
the violence that brought her down
a most appalling wicked spree

Six men deranged I can’t believe
so loathsome was their deed
inhuman foul most bestial
female hatred was their creed

In a crazy world of men supreme
where women have no say
prevented from reporting rape
to Police who say NO WAY!

Silly Witch

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is proven

Helen Duncan Callender girl
from the spirited world of tedium
through sleight of hand this charlatan
at large a tricky medium

Bridged the chasm with ectoplasm
and fumbled with your jewellery
claiming other worldliness
slippery customer of tomfoolery

These people can only get away with it with those who need to believe.

When Time Was On My Side

When life began for me

As a youngster going nowhere
not concerned about the grime
until I found a second chance
among the pendulums of time

This urchin of the London scene
became a master of the zones
dispensed the minutes ticking by
clocks amazing Frank Hope Jones

From Liberty’s to Selfridges
all the sciences and the law
Whitehall and Bank of England
I spent time in every door

Every system made one ponder
how time will finally unlock
the secrets of the everything
with calibrated master clock

What a terrific break for a young man such as I. Having no real idea of what ambition and aspiration meant I happened upon a Synchronome opportunity to become useful. 
This job for a callow youth took me in and around every important London Institution. Beyond that all over Great Britain and eventually Europe and the USA. Life to me is the opportunities one takes full advantage of.

Friday, 28 December 2012

It Is So for I Know I know I know

If I told you that I have found
A perfect way to live
that all should have an equal share
where even takers gladly give

If I told you that many folk
already share this great idea
but there are those that hate it so
it gives them ice cold fear

If I told you I’d have no chance
that anyone would believe
since the thought of even handedness
is perhaps an old way to deceive

If I told you this ideal way
is really my delusion
you’d pat my head and smile at me
pitying my confusion

Jaguar Cat

Among the finest of the felines
her movement hypnotises
overshadows twilight provinces
takes first choice of all your prizes

She prowls with stealth in silence
can get right inside your head
turn you’re thinking inside out
then feast as you lie dead

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Blissful Journey

What is happy one must ask
sometimes when in sorrow
is happy having everything
then no need for tomorrow

Is happy just a feeling
a pleasant state of mind
a bit like satisfaction
or perhaps another kind

Happy may be many things
to find in various places
moments sought out constantly
In between the strangest spaces

Some are denied a choice

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Prophetic Pathetic

I’ve had it with these prophesies
once again I packed my trunk
left out all my naughty bits
discarded them as junk

I was ready for the spirit flight
confessing too much information
so now I must keep out of sight

devoid of heavenly destination

The Hypocrite 2012

Vigorous preachers on their perch
pointing out our follies
they moralize and guilt besmirch
whilst indulging fervent jollies

Piously proclaim their prize
upholding letters of the law
unbending without compromise
it’s for the best we must implore

The hypocrite will falsely claim
smooth-tongued standards sound
containing fools with threats of shame
with bogus promises astound

When it comes to ludicrous ideas I would have thought that free access to powerful guns was No.1. But no! Mr Wayne LaPierre  and his bullet point presentation has a preposterous solution. “Put armed policemen in schools” As Lawrence O’Donnel ‘Last  Word – MSNBC reminds everybody that’s 132,183 new police at a conservative national cash requirement of $6.7 billion. This man is a smooth bullshit presenter completely lacking in any compromise with regard to guns in the community.

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I put it there I know I did
I’m sure I wasn’t dreaming
it really is frustrating
it makes me feel like screaming
I don’t believe it could have moved
to somewhere on its own
it’s just a piece of manmade stuff
unconsciously alone
Where has it gone where is it now
I’m starting to despair
I’ve looked in every place but one
it’s there I know but where?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Freedom Running Wild

This heavy burden freedom thing
without the wings of candour 

will bring you sinking crashing down
a lonely wandering bystander

Freedom is the knowledge root
where virtue’s truth is sought and found
the toughest test of explanation

illusion’s hearsay tales unsound

This freedom jewel most delicate
dulled by ignorance fear and sorrow

demands pursuit of love most intricate
lest there be no true tomorrow

This rhyme inspired from the writings of A C Grayling

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama vowed to use all his power to stop gun massacres like the slaughter of 20 children at a Connecticut school, saying "these tragedies must end".
Gun Owners of America called for state and federal lawmakers to immediately overturn bans on guns in schools. Can you believe that?

Sunday, 16 December 2012


I’m told I have the Asian flu
to me it feels quite British
my tongue is telling lies to me
I’m feeling rather skittish

My legs pretend they don’t belong
my arms have gone astray
my eyes have lost the will to blink
I may leave them shut all day

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Casino Nights

She was taking tricks on Friday
a kind of weekend while away
dealing stacked decks flipantly
a pleasant nights piquet

One or two counts frowned upon
some players moved along
a ruffled shuffled crazy move
when the sparrow sang mah-jong

She put away the box of tricks
a final score confusing mix
no more flourish one last groove
to the final flickering candle wicks

The dangerous game where the loser gives it all

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Eschatology Solstice Nigh

Carry on Regardless
The twenty-first not far away
The long count then complete
when all things will be wonderful
or then again may just deplete

As usual with the end of times
so the nonsense tales abound
apocalyptic claptrap tripe
so clearly quite unsound

When once again a year goes by

natural things remain on course
all the weirdo’s grab their abacus
to ride their cataclysmic hobby horse

Eschatology Wikipedia - Death Judgement Heaven Hell

NASA Video will enlighten you
A film from Nasa about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on 21 December has been released 10 days early. The Mayan calendar's 5,125-year run is due to end in 10 days, but the film – entitled The World Didn't End Yesterday – argues that the calendar should be interpreted as cyclical

Failed Predictions Table

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Home Groan

I must have that I need it now
so really neat and cool
owning that will help a lot
I wouldn’t buy it as a rule

Now that its mine I’ll find a place
to put it for a while
acquiring it a master stroke
I feel it has a certain style

Well look at that I’ll put it there
Conveniently in sight
and then to have a sorting out
too much clutter won’t look right 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Fellow of the Royal Society

Sir Patrick Moore

The man who made the sky at night
more than a sight to gaze on
the man with a mind of heavenly light
taught the cosmos we emblazon

Around the world he’s most revered
for honesty and science
stellar words of solar luminance
who never gave in to compliance

More or Less Once

A hushed goodbye on Monday morning
a pendant silky breath on gentle waves
no time left to sleep in hopeful dreams
no more seeking the loving that she craves

Earnest promises turned the evening stale
falseness putting paid to many wishes
empty pages no longer needing messages
a kitchen full of empty cups and dishes

In the quiet early hours of Monday morning
when there was nothing left for anyone to say
she closed her eyes with one last reminiscing
then wore a cloak of silence on her way

Friday, 7 December 2012


A slow relentless covering
Moved quietly over all
Touching without feeling
A furtive shadow hazy pall

Perfect timing resolutely
Expectations calculated
Stirring up a reminiscence
A sign of time once dedicated

Alignments and allegiances
Pledge accordingly to laws
To merge in singularity
In final settling of scores

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Why Am I here?

We're here to eat to self repeat
Recycle air and water
To be with friends and family
Contributor and supporter

To hunt or run or have some fun
Discover ways and means and uses
Make a change and rearrange
Dutiful without excuses

To have lived and made a difference
Pass on legacies and insights
Sharing kindness with another kind
Knowing life is more than highlights

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Eternal Moments

In this room
I consider my presence
In this room
a cocoon of my me
A space for my trace
to inhabit a place
In these moments
of my certainty

The top 10 most frequently used nouns in the English language

A tweet from @oxfordwords gave me an idea: 

The top 10 most frequently used nouns in the 
English #language are time, person, year, way, 
day, thing, man, world, life, & hand.

If I had time I’d be the man
to take my life in hand
Arrive in person any day
around the world as planned
This thing to do would take a year
in matchless detail I must say
I’d need some language guidance book
along with maps to find my way