Friday, 10 May 2013

Just Time for One Last Rhyme

A few hundred thoughts
Just over three years
Some were quite funny
Some may have brought tears 

Some band wagon thinking
Politicians and cats
All sorts of daft stuff
Teasing mackerel's with sprats 

Many thousands of visitors
Encouraged my crime
Impersonating poets
With my brand Ropey Rhyme

Thank you to blogspot
And my twittering friends
Eager agog or plain curious
Lassoed or strungout by odd ends

But then again.............. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Veins in Vane

Vladislav Dracula
Son of the dragon
with a habit that sucked
He went on the wagon

All through the night
fitful sleep all a quiver
Dreams of transfusion
raw plates of warm liver

When the early morn broke
the dawn chorus sang
Cold Turkey morsels
Gave him pains in the fang

As the evening returned
with a head aching thud
Miasma of stale plasma
Sent him hunting for blood

Hypnotised maidens
with a blemish free neck
Gave way to the blood Count
and smirked what the heck

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lighten Up

Today has been a trial of tests
every limit has been reached
power weak like battery flat
all colour drained and bleached

In a hot tub float of fragrance
no sign of energy at large
until the sound of flippant perky
sent a lightening striking charge

Slack those straps and lighten up
remove that buckled tension belt
check in at the inn of get-up-and-go
feel the smooth of a textured felt

A Patella A Capella

My legs began a wiggle waggle
On my knees a tempo beat
Ten singers sang in harmony
I could feel the rhythm heat

You just can’t beat spontaneous
It's waiting deep inside your heart
Your chanting dancing DNA
Every song that ever could be a la carte

Kids where hopping body popping
To this chorus line Capella
Hands were clapping tip toe tapping
To the drum on my patella

Monday, 6 May 2013

A Question of Jeanie


Jeanie climbed a building high
To look more closely at the sky
So much work for misplaced hope
More easier with a telescope

Cursing clouds as though they cared
Looking down got really scared
A town still sleeping dreams they share
Is anybody up down there

Saturday, 4 May 2013

You Kip If You Want To

Pawky Schlub with his vacuous wit
Would somber the pleasantly proud
Expressing opinions lusty and vile
Interrupting would bellow out loud 

Pawky Schlub monotonous blather
Where company of honour would cringe
Spoke with aplomb about nothing on earth
Even less on the universe fringe 

Pawky Schlub of much wordy absurd
A dark angel of flight to the right
Who kips with a dream of promoting a State
Independent insane crystal night

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A City Schism Aphorism

 In London Town
one must be seen
Among the many
cheer the Queen
Meet politicians
in the lobby

If catching ayes
more than a hobby

Move around
the cool and chic

Fashion flavours
taste oblique

Perusing markets
cruise the Cheap

Go underground
survey the deep

the culture vulture
taking stock

In Kensington
it's choc-a-bloc

As pals and malls
start wearing thin

Seek Dirty Dicks
or 'The Dickens Inn'

Ripping Stings and Playing with Fire

Beguiling hoaxers peddle wares
no holding back their devious dares
Seeking out the gullible lonely
who live their lives and dream if only 

A wild frontier of global tangles
concealing traps in  ambush angles
Sellers buyers cunning scams
who count on silence of the lambs 

Intelligent felons with mindful bent
a billion hideouts in a virtual tent
A psychopathic cold heart schemer
Be mindful of the silver streamer

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Elevated Life

Although a fine equestrian
with gracefulness and poise
his brashness and presumption
expressed a hot air vented noise

Well dressed in noble finery
precisely pressed by lesser hands
he would brandish prance and swagger
his charmless arrogant demands

His every whim was catered for
champagne caviar and wines
given all and everything he owned
heaved from gold and diamond mines

Then one day whilst descending
the elevator came to grief
asking all within to bravely grin
for hours on end without relief

They shared the Janitor’s bottled water
a selfless generous donation
among the decency of others there
he found himself below his station

When finally a way was found
to release the adverse door
each and every other one
helped him most kindly off the floor

Air Tight Landing

Arlo the acrobat felt disjointed
Fell from high most disappointed
Down from the big top falling free
In the glare of a bright light jamboree

Caught in the grip of an elephants trunk
Saved from the crush of a flat-line dunk
His facial expression resigned in despair
As he finally expired due to lack of fresh air

Laid him to rest with procession and style
Heaping on praise how his stunts would beguile
Recalling applause and such laughter that night
When Arlo mistimed his last swing out of sight

One In The Eye

Old Nobby Clarkson has been reflecting on the marvels of life support systems. In doing so he has found time to share his experiences in prose. When discussing his dilemma he mentioned how much free time he now has on his hands.

Being stuck up with a catheter

is a water works anathema

no feeling of a pressing urge

or satisfaction with the purge.

no whizzing round the porcelain

or flushing of the cistern

no baptising of the wall

it's a self containing system

but looking on the bright side .

the resevoir's half full

you can sit and watch the telly

and not ever need to mull about

a  frantic need a lightening dash

when desperately you need a splash

crucial moments you need never miss

a wee dram’s idling sedentary bliss.
Written by Nobby Clarkson