Mini Muses

214. Tea It Is Then
Whatever you do
Wherever you go Every hour every minute Is tea time you know So if you rise early You know it will be At your convenience The right time for tea #tea #Madhattertea

He only saw his side of things
Self-regarding always right
Could block you out ignoring why’s
Such a penetrating smite

212. Mist
A mist came rolling by tonight
Without intent or so it seemed
Didn’t even have the grace
To spend a vision as I dreamed

211. Replying to @HandDrawnWorld_
If I was Alfie Tennyson
In a hand drawn world of pots
I would write in lines of tribute to 
Those teapots of Charlottes
I like your cordial teapot
Decorated with nice things 
Thoughtfulness outpouring 
With all that nice things brings

210. Fractalised
The fractal geometrical Inner outer asymmetrical Emerging extraterritorial A living dream arboreal
To Hopcatchy

209. #microprompt
The light was low as they left to go Skeletal faces gaunt On the prowl for contributions Local kids on favourite haunt

208. #microprompt 1205
The Ria Formosa on the Algarve A hat and cravat looking suave Where the cheese and the port Will on balance consort Pass the board its my turn to carve

207. Jam Tomorrow
Today I get a chance to do
What I hoped for yesterday
Sweet spoonfuls I might borrow
From the jar kept for tomorrow

206. #microprompt prompt word 1201
A year ago took out a loan since then the interest steeply grown the sight of which I moan and groan

205. Replying to @Mad_Hatter_Tea; & @FirstTMaster
The map said "you are here"
Not me I said "not there" 
Depending on how I held the map
I had many streets to spare

204. Replying to
When the stars have done a runner
And nightlights shine a beam
Out there in the lonely space The flowers close their eyes and dream

203. #microprompt - Lint
In a world of cashless magic
Transmitting money for a change
You’re never skint boracic lint
Unless those signals rearrange 

202. My Kind of Tea
The tea I love to drink a lot
Mad Hatter brewing in my pot Mind you I like to let it stew Nice and strong and very hot All seasons it's my favourite tot #Tea #TeaHour

201.#microprompt prompt word 1182 : BOWL (Edited)
I thought I’d buy a Hyper-Bowl
With many uses suiting me
Cereal soup or washing spree
Down to earthenware and free
No dishing out hyperbole

200. Boris The Rushing Bear
Listen to me as I’m in charge
I have mandates on my side
Obligations and majority
Demands I shall not be denied
Authority bestowed on me
I am the beacon brightly lit
Supporting my position
The full enormity of it

If I could wear an Einstein cloak
I would portrait pose with glee
So who would paint a muzma bloke 
In a place too faint to see


198. Your (Hoptanglish) mission is to use GABUDGERILAH and FONDANT SUGAR in one sentence. 
#writingprompt #vocabulary
Gabudgerilah in flight hurrah
Across the skies to very far
Where every cake is dressed to star
In sweet delight fondant sugar

197. #microprompt prompt word 1166 : BLAST
When your world is spinning madly
From one way to another 
And there's no one to confide in 
Since you said goodbye to mother
Don't worry that's the way it is 
Your future is a blast 
As long as you can let it go 
You won't drown in the past

Little strawberry
Sweet to meet 
Her perfume hovered light 
We shared a creamy Cornish 
Which lasted through the night

Summer did her very best
Holding sunbeams high
Spreading light across the sky
Tho Autumn's chariot rolled along
The woodland cried a goodbye song

194. Words Chained
(In reply to Ian McMillan)

193. Flora
There's movement in the garden
Flowers sidle up to me
A heavy petal situation
Those roses breathing heavily

192. Stewed
We enjoy a wicked tea
Poured from a sinful pot
When stealing extra tea break time
In our sub-standard building plot

191. Half Done
Still wondering when Wednesday 
Will shed its halfway coat 
The pinnacle of nowhere near 
Sticks more or less in weekdays throat

190. Teapot Art 🍵
Her art is reviving a teapot 
From the standard conveyor of tea 
To a vision of pictorial pleasure 
Not at all like old teapots can be

189. Tough Day
Look at that sweet little cupcake nosegay
Pretty as a picture on a miserable Wednesday
A prize for your eyes on a midweek sway
Fit for a Queen on a kingsize tray

188. Who Said?
Swaying along with a saying
Speaking clearly straight from his head
With a wish to impart honest wisdom
All else being better not said

187. Drink
Oh the cruelty 
Of drink I'm in
Whiskey Rum or Gin 
My heavy head 
My staggered limbs
Cannot reverse 
The spin I'm in

186. Twitter Cats
Pussy galore is a Twitter event When a body has nothing to say Nothing to write nothing to rhyme Just cute cat displaying at play

185. A Painters Progress
The painting scene is zesty green
For going there or where you've been
Or road to somewhere in  between
A vibrant hint of strokes unseen

184. Till microprompt 1084
Till then until we slide downhill
Till the last hour of the light
Till when the end becomes our final spend
Till there’s nothing left to fight

Oh to dream that dream again
The one the night corrupted
To slip away in stealthy sleep
And not be interrupted

182. Daring
He dares to think
He dares to write
He dares to post
In Black and white

181. Meat & Veg
I must admit I am an omnivore
And offer no apologies
I love to eat a slice of meat
Black pudding and good cheese
Broccoli and garden peas
Cauliflower beans and swede
Spinach parsnip or asparagus
With meat and veg I’m all agreed

180. Snow Business
At first when snow is falling There is romance in the air It lays a soft white blanket A playful place to be and share Then some things are a problem If you can't travel anywhere Services give up the ghost And now you wish it wasn't there

179. Laugh at Life
Truth about life
Is a battle with strife
Partners, husband or wife
Though sometimes quite funny
If not about money
In general life cuts like a knife

178. Retired
Once again I'm up at early doors
Where the creaks and clicks impose
Writing stuff until I've had enough
Then back to bed for sleep's repose

177. Nodding Off
Heading back to dream again Refreshing things to tweet Not so much asleep too deep But a place to rest my feet

176. Potent Limerick
There was a most chemical compound
With ingredients and bonds to expound
When mixed they conferred
Something awfully absurd
A Judge deemed them somewhat unsound

Paths glint with early frost Stray winds push leafless by Overcoated walkers
tilt down hats Mask the way 
with tear-filled eye

174. Tweets
Whether following
Or followed
Twitter's not a local street
Though fortunate
One is indeed
If one other
Reads one's tweet
Dumping guilt
On Twitterati
Pointlessly a wasted tweet
As poignancy
Is much preferred
At the point
Where tweet minds meet

173 #microprompt 979 FETE
Who will find a better day
For kindness and for alms
Than a local fete on Saturday
For donations without qualms

172 Shelfie Selfie Elf
Once upon a shelf
Where the eggs liked to be
Hid a very naughty elf
Who went on a painting spree
Impishly with pixie guile
He kept away from prying eyes
Until the mummy caught him
Giving eggs a new disguise


171 #micropromptprompt word 960 : CREST

All the choices that present themselves
Are never one thing to suggest
To ride the surf or climb a mountain
Or time well spent when you invest
They are places where you chase a dream
Remembered mottos on your crest

170. Saturday Acrostic

Save me place at breakfast Ma
At the head of the kitchen table
To butter the toast and pour the tea
Using the finest marmalable
Ready or not I’ll sound the gong
Doing my Saturday morning best
A noise to wake the sleepiest bed
Yelling full steam ahead expressed

169.#microprompt  951 FRESH

Winter skies wait on the horizon
Bringing a rebirth lattice mesh
Brushing their icy canvass crisply
Restoring the setting scene fresh

168. #microprompt prompt word 933
Over doing everything
Seven scarves around her throat
Cursed the North Wind heatedly
For getting deep inside her coat

167.  #micropromptprompt word 930
Hobnalis cut screws kitchen games
Where at parties we hobnob
Talking recipes around the hob
Laughing drinking just the job

166. J&J Painters
The paint pearls adorn Turn worn and forlorn Old spaces war-torn Looking fresh and reborn

165. #micropromptprompt 928 : DRUNK
Downed drowned 
Cursed in thirst
Smashed crashed
Drunk submersed

164. Sorry vs Thank you
Tetchy testy matters not
Now and then we grump
Snappy cranky peevish
Sometimes we get the hump
But never mind it's how it goes
Give thanks for being wise
Crabby cross exonerated
We accept apologise

#microprompt prompt word 901
I miss your letters in my box
The scented packs the most
They always got the early mail
You were my favourite winning post

162. #microprompt  899 Lane
Narrow ways of winding turns
May find you beaten off the track
Lost and lonely feeling far away
A last-ditch lane no turning back

161. #Slamwords 13th edition
Whenever your capacity
is helped along with some tenacity
Then shout it loud with all veracity
To show the virtue of audacity

160 What's next will keep
I'm back to sleep Until I wake again To take a peep At sunshine seep Unless it looks like like rain

159 #microprompt prompt word 849: SNOOZE 
It wasn’t sleep he needed
Too many hours to lose
More like a quiet corner
A vacant sofa free to use
Some leg-up lean-back easiness
Agrees a thirty-minute snooze

158 #microprompt prompt word 845 : FULL
My thinking room is bursting
Full of ideas on the hoof
My acrobatic attic circus tent
Juggles tumblers in my roof

157.  prompt word 822 : SHAWL
She is my morning welcome My portcullis castle wall No need for mail or armour Her spirit heart my shawl

Many wish for nothing more
Than sitting in the sun
Day in day out a tan to flout
Looking out for number one

155. Hoptanglian
On my Twiststep spiralling
Turning both ways inside out
Focussed on my destinations
Terfluppify without a doubt

154. Bed Room
Returning to that other world
To review my mental notes
Sliding slowly into somewhere else

Where collectiveness denotes

153. #microprompt 777 Draw
Snowflakes draw a landscape
A frozen river crystal clear
Footsteps snap on brittle ice
A quiet cloak of thin veneer

152. Elsewhere Next
Snow scenes win the "what to wear?"
Boots and dungarees
Overcoats and woolly hats
Back in bed I won't need these
Returning to my other world
In the peak of sleepy hollow
To dream of where I'd rather be
A southbound soaring Swallow

151. Stumped
In my writing room I sit and wait
My pens and pencils unemployed
Without a single word to write
I'm in a blank page kind of void
So I pretend I'm someone else
Brimmed with tightrope storyboards
Impressing eyes who love surprise
Whenever passing by affords

150. Waking up for work on Monday
Wishing one more hour of sleep
Dreaming sunshine by a riverside
Without a care to earn my keep
Such are wishful thinking Mondays
They drag me up and on my way
So I can earn a brand new dream
Where winter mornings have no say

149. #microprompt word 762: FOLK
Folk music strains in a village scene
Nobody bothers where anybody’s been
Sitting in amongst this crowded dream
Lazily waiting where it flows downstream
Somebody whispered if you know what I mean
A brand new word on the old village green

148. 31 Mondays
January's final Mondays
Take on their last year's guise 
Preserved in ice age packages 
Boosting 'old times sake' supplies

147. Crazy Poem
In a mirror image garden
Around a smoking barbeque
Mouths of watering fountains
Agree this once to not eschew

146.Hey Ho Back to Bed
Hypnotic ticks
mesmeric tocks
covered eyes with
bedtime socks
Too early dreamed 
the empty head 
Tuck me in 
I'm back to bed

145. Awake early
Sometimes a day has just begun
Too early fresh to keep
Eyelids wrap my thinking box
Return me upstairs back to sleep

144. Autocomplete
Messages may well accrete
If relying on autocomplete
Well-meant terms seem bittersweet
Will cheat escheat in sad defeat

 143. Weather Worn
If the sun down your way
Hides in clouds
Besieged by stifling crowds
You can’t go far on remnants
Of dripping tattered shrouds

142. Too Sleepy to Write
As I was about my thoughts
With a pen poised in my head
Tired words fell wearily
And I went back to bed

141. Substantially Nonsuch
If what is not
Is not at all
Then what it is
Is not a ball
For that it is
One might recall
Is nothing more
Than very small

Country screams of trumpet blasts
Baying hounds and thunder hooves
Impassioned scent of bloodlust
The overwhelming hurtling moves
Dressed to kill in hot pursuit
Vindictive massacre’s ritual thirst
A ripping yarn of devil nature
Where the natural foe is cursed

139. Aguillanneuf
One more day of last year
Just a few hours left to grip
Then celebrate another chance
To sail off on a New Year trip
Tomorrow waves on hopeful sand
Fresh footprint roads to walk
A sense of light airs murmuring
The whispered voice of future talk

138. A Silent Strike
When the clapper rested
We thought it not for long
Not our national linger ring
To ring the whole day long
Mind you, 
it's not just any old bong
But a ring with ping 
That pleases the throng 
Most of all 
That Westminster song

137. Is That Write?
When engaging in a writing game 
The perfect phrase engaging name 
Playing with the old and same 
Often wild and never tame

136. Even Crazier
Twas a learned Lobster That Oscar came to know They walked the Oxford cloisters A toast to all on show Whatever is one's penchant Protecting elbows or one's knees Eccentricities are essential
If extremities are to please

Based on 'Crazy' by Alan

135. #microprompt prompt word 738

The atmosphere adhesive
Together through and through
Bonded to their very core
By super hero’s super glue

134. POEMS
She taught me how
to write a proper verse
Meter rhythm form
create a stanza
Pleasure now immense
making much more sense
A master class of writers
understands her

133. Sleep Awake Sleep
The night of blankets
Begins again to beckon
Up stepping stone mountain
To sleep to dream to reckon

132. Polly Looking Proper Lean
Polystyrene coral corridors
Thermoplastic nylon draws
Feeding fish on poison straws
Coaster seabed handbag floors
Ten billion throwaway outpours
Degrading Lobster Thermidor’s
All clogged up with plastic spores
Humans washed up on the shores

131. Hmmm!
I didn't get that poem 
It didn't make much sense 
It wasn't then or yesterday
And lacked the present tense

130. LastWord
He had a liking for the last word
When with his dying breath
Quietly he closed his eyes
And said "I've talked myself to death"

129. Return Once More
Didn't we promise ourselves
To walk by the waterfalls again
Standing speechless
In the spray of spellbound rain

128. Highway Minded
Sometimes my mind is like a highway
Every thought moving at speed
Dangerous to linger on ideas
Even if they're driving what I need

127. Way To Go
Now and then a day arrives
With nothing much to do
Too cold to be inviting
Every moment colours blue
Hot tea on my table top
Bacon sandwich by its side
Bad news on the radio
Where many worlds collide

126. A Weekend Begins
Saturday morning
In a cold frosty light
The sun swings low
A chariot leaving the night

Not just any morning
So much more when up at four
The squeaky rhythm
Of a plastic pendulum
Cool feet on a lino floor
Sip a slow glass of water
A pencil waiting for a line
I fill the blanks
On fresh white paper
Until something reads like mine 

© C K Letts

124. #240 poetry
Cold and chilly early
I will a bus to come
In my insufficient togs
Negatively numb
Heat escaping rapidly
Ears are rosy raw
Nose tip blue and dripping
Static frozen sore
Jiggling despondent
No hint of near relief
Waiting on in agony
In misery and grief

123. Chocolate Ware
He made a chocolate suit of clothes
A chocolate belt contained his waist
Those around his aromatic space
Declared he had the finest taste

122. I Swear
The Eff word that hangs in the air
Profanely with devil may care
A cuss with a plus in despair
Releasing and pleasing I swear
BBC R3 Prog. Free Thinking "The pros and cons of Swearing"

121. Patisserie Spree
Ephemeral the art of cake
A beauty sweetly fleeting
A sculpted joy consuming
Each teacup teasing meeting

120. Beatlesque
Carrying weights on winding roads
In a suntan garden skies
Waltz Octopus and Walruses
Kaleidoscoped in diamond eyes

119. Halloween 2017
Howling owls and headless fowls
Silhouettes on moonlit nights
Drops of ice cold down your back
Shadows whisper broomstick sprites
Feel the feather touch of Witchy hair
Smell the dying breath of ghouls
Hear the wistful moans of open graves
Spinning threads on spook spiked spools

118. Awake
He got up with a feeling
Something must be said
Tripped over sent reeling
Then schlepped back to bed #insomnia

117. Float
#microprompt 658
Float a loan float alone
Float away to get back home
Float a way to freedom roam
Float a seaward float on foam

116. Changes
Autumn, a threadbare curtain
Brought down on summer's stage
Time now to write the year
On the white of winters page #Rhymeatism

115, Communication States
Techno needy gossip greedy
Hovering in groups
Never with the one your with
Afloat in elsewhere loops 
Not too much to say today 
Peering in we strain to see
Playing don't forget me games
Where others are we'd like to be

114. Despondent
My sideboard clock needs winding up
I really miss that chime
So long a steady trusted piece
Now speaks of someone else’s time

13. Situational
If I wake and see tomorrow
As nothing more than yesterday
Let me sit awhile in silence
And remember how to play #life

112. Sanity on  Sunday
I've brewed a Sunday cuppa
Sitting in September sun
At Sunday morning easy pace
Until the doing nothing's done

Although its almost morning
Yesterday has no more say
For on my branch of Twitteree
Drifting leaves are on their way

110. This
Life made up of this and that
A need for cuddles and a kiss
Guided by a gentle touch
Inspiration comes from this

109. Silent Times
Big Ben's bong is silenced
They dropped a clanger with its ringer
Emptiness on news announcements
We need a Flying Picket singer

108. Anonymous Dreamer
When dreaming I'm anonymous 
Hidden deep around my mind
Never give my name out loud 
Never leave my dreams behind

I'm writing poems underground 
Tunnel vision drives me on
A pinpoint light direction
Speeding shards to write upon

106.  610

Colour schemes in city places
Where the lonely hearted tend
To miss the hustle bustle smiles
If not out there with a friend

105. A Branch of Words
Is  your tentacle an organ
A member or antenna
An arm or limb appendage
Or that feeling for Vienna

104.  Chomping At The Bit
Unrestrained and gagging
In a state of just can't wait
Slipped and fell at almost there
Found a padlock on the gate

104.  #SenseWrds 287
Warmth of quiet evenings
Sitting dreaming with the fire
Looking deep into the embers
Clothed in flames of heart's desire

103. Fancy Words
Artful words are not a dodge
If in the chain they link
Placed to give you food for thought
A twist on things to think

102. Replied
This guy who proclaimed ninth grade said he knew so much that he didn't need to know any more

Young enough to think you know enough 
To know it all a youth disguise 
When you think you're bang-on definite 
You'll find your mind is telling lies

101. Words
Words are a game of decisions
Subject to scanning conditions
Misreading one may
Mistake what we say
On the meaning of juxtapositions

100. Write
No need to serve a sentence
If a sentence serves you well
Don't write rules to rule your write
The right to write will serve you well

99. Tonight
Checking out the evening 
A Technicolor sky 
Feeling everything is possible 
See you later I must fly

98. As the sun rose
With new stories to tell
They threw stars to each other
In a field of magnetic words
They sang beautiful songs
97. #TastyPoem Froth
Delicious aromatic spray
Escapes the simmering broth
Sumptuous invitation
To sup within the froth

96. Secrets

Things unknown may not be there
Hidden secrets are not shy
It’s not a case of what or where
But forever wondering why

95. #POETHEME 193 Pretend

Her case poorly presented
A verdict hard to comprehend
Fairy tales in evidence
A legal game of lets pretend

94.  586
Fire up the kiln
Knead me a pot
Oven ready
Fearsome hot
A vessel to share 
A tight lovers knot

93. Cold Light Of Day

 Keep a lid on it
Avoid the stink
The less said
The less they’ll think
Damage limitation
Keep it under wraps
No muddying the waters
Batten down your traps
The air around is tainted
Toxic poison hit the fan
Paste the easy bulletin
Read “Doing All we can”

92.  581 Frail

Your 1st class letter yesterday
Explaining why you’re frail
Shattered by incessant threats
Arriving in your mail

91. #microprompt 572:PLEDGE

 Promises promises
A freshman offers a pledge
Wagers on futures forsaken
Absolutely a gambler’s hedge

90.   564 Warp
I’m practicing deep thinking
Right now two fathoms down
In a time warp buddy reading
Out of place in space downtown

89.   563 Durge
Standing taut and purposeful
Resolute and stout
Then crumpled in a toppling
Sly durge that tipped me out

Schmaltz effect on sentiment
A greasy film on vision Tender pats with never mind there
Crying SCHMALTZED with much derision

87. #microprompt 560: Smudge
A jury of twelve assessed it
Gave a verdict to the Judge
How once a virtuous character
Now tarnished with a smudge

86. Only Chocolate
Sheer delights
On lavish trays
Creamy dark
In lush arrays
I quietly park
On chocolate shore
My candy boat
Will take one more

85. #microprompt word 558: Scraunched
Love the bunchy crunchy way
Unofficially say scraunched
But purely as a unflawed word
I’ve yet to see it launched

84. #microprompt 557: Bike
Things I think
When writing rhymes
May bike my mind
To distant climes
Wheelie wonders
Spin my spokes
Oddest looks
From passing blokes

83.#microprompt 546 Freak

 Most uncommon unforeseen
A gathering weather clique
Rainy winds in all directions
A bleak horizon total freak

82. #microprompt 543 BEAST
Callous people onerous drives
Kerbed in pain increased
Unmoved by conditions
Bestowed upon the beast

81. Twitter Verse 4
This way forward no return
Uncertain lines now crossed
From here on in a gloomy view
As winds of change are tossed
These are the days of ideologies
Where climb-down is forbidden
Shrieking calls of vested interest
Leave human values overridden

80.  #microprompt  525 : COIL

Tightly wound
And braced
Resolute intense
A waiting coil encased
The tension is immense

79. Twitter Verse 3
Way down the hall
A door tight sealed
Dimly lit
Nothing revealed
No one recalls
What is concealed
Harbour of peace
Or death’s battlefield

78. Twitter Verse 2
Music snugly
Plugs in my ears
Shimmering recall
Songs of my years
Emotional signposts
Steeped in tears
Hailing the days
Gigs gear and cheers

77. Twitter Verse 1
Write a Twitter poem
Briefly I propose
Limited by characters
A mind's eye interpose
Be intense by taxing sense
Keep calm while you compose

76. February
Staring out of winter windows
Watching not too much about
Predicting when the frost will fade
To see again the springtime sprout

75. Monday
Monday morning eyelids
Keep me helplessly in bed
Too many things to do at work
I'm working in my head instead

74. Good Idea
How true it is the dream idea
A sleep invader whispers near
Taunting dancing crystal clear
Recognition's thin veneer

73. #microprompt Spin

How to shake the seized up brake
A wheel in spin lost motion
Swirl the whirl then twist and twirl
Turning tidal waves mid ocean

72.  #microprompt Sea

Two worlds of separation
Two scapes who fight to be
Two places circulating
Two cannot win its land or sea

71. #microprompt 497 Scare

There could be looming problems
Though I’m really not sure where
Someone said its coming here
Maybe just another scare

70. Log
 #microprompt 495
Recorded in her diary
When emerging from the fog
Staring lonely at the fireplace
Reading ashes in the log

69. Holding thought is slippery
Like grabbing jelly from a bowl
Then making sense of what you have
Needs containment on a scroll
Spread the jelly into careful shapes
Watch the patterns talking back
Let them dry before you grab anew
Jelly code is hard to crack

#microprompt Fold

68. Old gold
A fine leaf rolled
Tall tales told
Where the pages fold

67. On matters of dying
Resulting in crying
Lamenting and sighing
No escape no denying
Sad songs allying
Teardrops complying


66. You ask what I believe
Well I believe that I am here
The sun the moon the mountains
All loving people I revere
The plants the trees the animals
I respect them most sincere
I don’t believe in preachers
Who preach those words of fear
Yet I know they want to burn us
I believe they’re getting near

© C K Letts


65. As though the act of writing
Caused anxiety neurosis
Like a sentence uninviting
Intensified fictive neurosis

Best Time For Tea

64. Calmly sitting supping tea
Sunday savoured morning brew
Floating silently along with me
A peaceful moment field of view

Super Moon

63. Feeling super romantic

Super signature tune
Super croon to my lover
Neath a super size moon
Super light beaming
Knockout super swoon
Gallant supersized wishes
Super dream super moon


62. Shadowed by technology
Tablets talking as I stride
Pursued by whims and urges
No escape nowhere to hide


61. He thought about it
He thought around it
He seemed certain to have found it
He sought evidence to surround it
He hesitated to expound it
He felt shameful to propound it
He thought they would confound it
He even offered to redound it


60. Rain falls wind blows

The farmer sows
And fodder grows
A world of crows
And flower shows
The story flows
In books of prose


59. Waiting for a date with fate
Is a powerless direction 
Fate is born of perfect plans 
Avoiding duty's dereliction

Twitter Too

58. And a beak begat a tweet
And a tweet begat a whistle
And a whistle begat a bird nest
And I begat my tweet epistle

As posted to @Ste15375723Mark

On Twitter

57. My twitter box a message room
Has spaces for my words
A whistle stop of twittering
Tweetly written for the birds

As posted to @ShortOrderPoet


56. Of delicious morsels melting
Marshmallow tempts and teases
A soft accord brings rich reward
Where celebration pleases


55. Rodney in the greenery

Enhancing Neighbour scenery
With floral trim machinery
A place to be congenially


54. Three men in a boat
Deciding to vote
On how the future might be
One to the right one to the left
One inundated at sea


53. If you look up amazed at birds

Like me I’m sure you wonder
Much more to it than finding food
Or diving down for plunder

So many up there soaring high
A lightning streak of thunder
Exuberantly calling out
To a world left torn asunder

In the Post

52. Letters in the message said
We have a thought for you To open up and read awhile If you've not too much to do

Re: The Past

51. Two old chaps conversing
Reflecting on the past
How early days had disappeared
Seems like nothing’s built to last

More Tea

50. Composed in teatime harmony
As kettles let off steam 
Signs of peaceful teapots
In a cupful tea-eyed gleam

49. A cuppa changes many things
It allows all sides to be
Can make a subtle difference
Together sipping tea

48. Of the finer teas I take 
Are teas that I prefer to make
Whether tired or wide awake
A cup of tea a pleasant break

47. Homely scent in every room
Cooling carrot cake appealing
You can hear that whistle blowing
Pour the tea I'm reeling

46. In a tearoom not too far away
Where many congregate China cups and cozied teapots And teacakes on a plate

The Meaning of Like

45. Twitter has its way of things
To ‘Like’ is Yada-Yada
A sort of friendly sod-off mate
We only RT things we’d rather
The ‘Like’ is like a hand pat
A there-there little grin
Never circulated anywhere
In a dusty Twitter bin

Ropey Limericks

44. Georgina a selfie snap taker
At sea took shots of a breaker
She never new why
Those waves got so high
As water ingressed her pacemaker

43. Billy had high hopes at school
Until he found billiards and pool
Coloured balls and a cue
Some chalk coloured blue
Got snookered the cack-handed fool

42. Writing a poem on twitter
Possibly raising a titter A limited space Allowing a trace Says no one can call me a quitter

41. I like to scribble a ditty
On my way to the city
A travelling race
At nomadic pace
Strains of remains not too pretty

40. I’m sending a limerick to mother
One step ahead of my brother
I heard sister say
What a great game to play
As she speedily posted another

Two of a Kind

39. Two sticks make fire
Two lips speak desire
Two wings high wire
Two screams expire

Word Search

38.Night-time colour midnight blue
Tricked in shadow passion
Faltering and speechless
Soaked in perspiration


37. Dark clouds inky raining
As I sit here in retreat
Watching racing rivulets
Feeling light is incomplete


36. So much info out there
Massive online media
Yet more and more 
I spend my time 
Researching Wikipedia

35. Tea-tea -vated 

The tea I make is making me
Putting gusto in my health
Madness not to take a cup
A sunshine taste of wealth


34. I wait for morning
On those lonely nights
To reach again
Those new day heights
Light airs sailing
Cloudy whites

33. Images and picture posts
Teeming galleries on view
A cornucopia of plethora
A visage collage group bestrew

32. Amid the howls of laughter
Are the waterfalls of tears
Where emotions drive tornados
Towards a freedom less severe

Mad verses

31. They opened up a pet shop
Specialised in canine huts
To sell a range of hound dog frills
Corporate logo ‘Nutz on Muttz’

30. Weathermen say sun today
But never everywhere
Full of half true promises
Rain here again I swear

29. Sing a song of love to me
She whispered with her eyes
I wrapped my song around her
Sunset dreaming rainbow skies

28. He wore his girlfriends make up
She didn’t get his joke
I don’t go out with girls you fool
I much prefer a bloke

27. Sunday morning restful
Tea and breakfast on the boil
Teacup eggcup buttered toast
No thoughts of Monday's toil

26. Their essence of togetherness
Held them tranquil in the low
No need of revelation
Or any other place to go

25. He bought himself a motorbike
To intensify his leisure
Taking bends with crazy friends
White-knuckle seeking pleasure

24. He called himself ‘The Vagrant’
He trudged a merry tramp
Preferring cities to the countryside
When buying batteries for his lamp

23. A tattoo parlour beckoning
She entered proudly with a grin
Forty pounds for striking letters
B R I S T L E S on her chin

22. When walking Champs-Élysées
Where all those heroes died
Whose only vice was paradise
And thin potatoes fried

21. Loudest words from soldiers
Whose enemies have fled
Leaving winners in the rubble
Shaking hands among the dead

20. Much preferring things long gone
In her deep reflecting way
Dreamy absent whilst attending
Too many happy hours today

19. Ink spots dripping artlessly
Badly written I confess
A reservoir of good intentions
Out of balance in redress

18. Moving out of rehab
Applied to do the Tour de France
The cost of which
Required of him
Some pedalling in advance

17. They talked about apocalypse
Well beyond repairs and mending
How the human race just had to face
Their time on earth now ending

16. Diamond rings and silver bracelets
Golden pendants lucky charms
Ornamenting unrelenting
Such wealth and beauty up in arms


15. Amid the howls the laughter
Are the waterfalls of tears
Where emotions drive tornados
Toward a freedom less severe

14. What is life but jokes to pose
In the bittersweet and sour
Where everything is jaded grey
Mistaking Yin and Yan as power


13. Sitting seething in the wings
Images most droll
Planning grudges muckily
Symptomatic of the Troll

Thought Power

12. The power of thought
at the speed of nought
Is a tragedy in transit
Consider implications
It's what one really ought


11. The people struggle hard to hear
Rhyme or reason for their vote
As though ideas and aspirations
We're just another sinking boat

Thin Veneer

10. A world of all things most polite
Where the great and good have built
Solid base foundation stones
Supporting barricades from guilt

9. Normality depends on who you are
On where you live and what you own
Maybe walking roads in ragged pain
Or in a fast expensive car happily alone


8. It was one day not too long ago
When the floods evaporated
The shining song of summer light
Dried up tears as storms abated


When what remains of me remains
Inanimate lifeless form
Truculent with previous things
Who once was affable and warm

Three score years and ten and then
All those moments making sense
Mountain climbs and writing rhymes

Less expense and recompense

5. Eyes of needles
Hard to see
Heads of pins
Most usefully
Wait patiently
In my etui

4. I talk to myself
Why I say why
I never get answers
Myself is quite sly
Nothing much there
To help me get by

3. Just before something
There was nothing at all
Nowhere to be
No place to fall


2. The night wind whispered
Low enough to confuse
Moaning ever so quietly
Just then I felt I would lose

1. She took her time
To write a letter
A pleasant rhyme
Things seemed better

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