Thursday, 24 September 2015

Bertrudiers Rightfangled Festivoree

I was pickled egg to right this in one miss

Jumppled up and barrel cracked
Jalavino het supline
A partake at her mirthway stew
Beeting blue veiled parsage tine

Bodiglee they Meerzark parnce
Until the gloated guise dement
Raderling their bangleloons
On roadarease to circlevent

Parselets passed on rapping zeeths
Undervallix  locked constrenlic
Peeperthins are slitty wide
Chemiclosets interventric

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Apple A Peel Acidic Your Steel

A mistake to forsake
Ones healthy intake
Ignoring innately
The rate of ones state

Maintaining your springs
In the lifting of things
Is a fruit of the tree
Between you and me

A peeling with feeling
Will your muscle restore
By catching the apple
Add steel to your core

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Get Your Just Desserts

To be noticed for the things you do
Among the multitudes who matter
Set apart from all the jabber blabber
With "Where it’s at" the latest patter

It’s not enough to place your placards
In the billboard midst of twitterati
If time is prime to earn your fast return
Then get to grips with Sweettoothmarti

Grabbing eyes to win the message prize
Not just a touting flouting scene
Showing out may end up flashing nowt
Get Sweettoothmarti’s tweet machine