Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Beer

Ropey and Nobby as often they do

imbibe on one or two drops

bearing in mind each sip of the brew

the barley the yeast and the hops

Oh my this is good yet hard to explain

nodding their heads they agree

the slow germination of malting and grain

reminiscent of old Pedigree

Whether Chiswick, Kent or Burton on Trent

Lancashire, Yorkshire, Devizes

All ales are superior money well spent

deserving of medals and prizes

As evenings wear on and draw to a close

and conclusions connect with the time

Nobby’s guitar strums a cordial prose

whilst old Ropey is Strungout on rhyme

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Idea

Picture by Nobby Clarkson

The idea is 
in need of thought
not wondering where
it came from.
what does it mean
what should one do
a sort of brainy tom-tom.
many folk get bright ideas
all too quickly
they discard them
as if the very act of thought
is a worthless meagre item
Ideas are threads
of thoughtful weave
never ever wrapped in gold
seeking novel recognition
from the sensitive and bold

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Immensely Spencely The Paint Blender Vendor

Our buddy Paul Spencely purveyor of paint
can tart up your substrates romantic or quaint
will guide you with candour and relevant spec
plus texture and nuance, wood grain or check

If your building material is pleasant and plush
your desirable finish, no lines from a brush
He’ll tailor your paint mix with thinners and flair
a smooth and sleek coating by compression of air

If your surface is crumbling eroded with rust
or mouldy and fetid just starting to crust
this is no time for worry or giving up hope
seek Spencely’s immensely unlimited scope

So if you are struggling with cover or taint
and a little unsure on which kind of paint
give Spencely a call he’s there in flash
trading solutions for reasonable cash

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Night Watch

Moonlight mover
Seaside swing
Fairground nightlights
Lovelight thing
Sailing away
On a thoughtful trail
Closer together
On a grander scale
A scene together
On rocket beams
Shining a light on
Lovers dreams

The Light

To lead your way
enhance your sight
the gloomy night
and daytime bright

You'll find it here
you'll find it there
and ultimately

Illumination fascination
that none may supercede
always just arriving
so incredible its speed

The Dream

To sit quite still or lay asleep
eyelids closed whilst counting sheep.
upon a cloud of thoughts embark
toward the inspiration spark.
where answers spring and brightly gleam
so plainly clear in such a dream.

The Word

To write it down 
or shout it loud
for all to hear 
in every crowd.
for all to read 
to speak or sing
to prompt a thought 
or message bring
In cipher code 
or pompously 
divinely clear 
yet quite absurd
but first you have to 
know the word.

In the beginning was the word? Cannot have been the beginning then could it?

The Window

The window is a two-way view
From outside or within
a day or night time picture
taken out or taken in

A place to sit and ponder
Or to pass and quietly wonder
If the source of every moment
Is a view where eyes begin

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Empty Plate

Behold the table over there
where dwells an empty plate
although no things are there upon
nor finite is its state

So many days have passed it by
at slow and rapid rate
to commiserate or celebrate
depending on the date

It sits there without malice
unaware that it must wait
without sight and sense or feeling
quite indifferent to its fate