Thursday, 16 June 2011

Immensely Spencely The Paint Blender Vendor

Our buddy Paul Spencely purveyor of paint
can tart up your substrates romantic or quaint
will guide you with candour and relevant spec
plus texture and nuance, wood grain or check

If your building material is pleasant and plush
your desirable finish, no lines from a brush
He’ll tailor your paint mix with thinners and flair
a smooth and sleek coating by compression of air

If your surface is crumbling eroded with rust
or mouldy and fetid just starting to crust
this is no time for worry or giving up hope
seek Spencely’s immensely unlimited scope

So if you are struggling with cover or taint
and a little unsure on which kind of paint
give Spencely a call he’s there in flash
trading solutions for reasonable cash

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