Thursday, 28 January 2016

AI in the Life of Pi

Of consequences unintended
Every variable pursued
if answers are the only quest
Solutions perfectly imbued

Is immutable computable
Should we take things as they are
Let predictable be foreseeable
No longer wishing on a star

Is intelligence mechanical
Every process gears and cogs
Scheming things all wearing thin
Pretending ratios and logs

In the end what do we really seek
A concentrate of information
Every calculation saving time
But never trouncing inspiration

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Allude to Illude

On ideas inconclusive
Debatably presented
To stand aloof
From burden of proof
Leave answers discontented

All heartfelt deepest wishes
May or may not get fruition
Are evincing
Not convincing
Leaving truth to intuition

Of arguments divergent
Where the line cannot be drawn
No place to meet
When incomplete
Will leave reality withdrawn

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I’m not giving thanks at all
Not me no way no thanks
Weather is whatever gives
Without interest much like banks

In gatherings of thankful folk
Who offer thanks in let's pretend
Where to me that kind of thankfulness
Drives me round a thankless bend

Being pleased with my coincidence
For such abundance I'm content
'No thanks' can give continuance
 My life I'm certain never meant

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Which Way Now

From segments born of early words
Among the scribbles on the wall
Before the obvious turned oblivious
To how the ending might befall

Somebody ought to write it down
So many lessons might be learned
But then again there's much to read
So many manuscripts returned

White pages giving blank looks
To pleading gazes unreturned
Soft shimmering’s of glimmerings
Leave the seed of ideas burned

Laughing echoes leap off yesterdays
Where hailing fellows used to meet
Then disappeared in hazy shadows
Where once a home was in that street

Friday, 8 January 2016

Mushroom Managed

For those who sometimes find themselves
In the mire of misconceptions
Where directions somehow meaningless
Restrict one's flow like contraception

Working wounded feeling mummified
With no idea what's going on 
Processing parts of untold stories
Where the light was never shone

Nobody knows the destination
Or how to rise above the mark
Where rewards are claimed by management
Who keep the workhorse in the dark

Should you find yourself in mushroom trays
With no opinion on the line
Among the spores of furthermore's  
Don't ask questions you'll be fine

The build-up to the referendum on Europe is a classic example of how so little information is available for the electorate to make sound decisions.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Arks and Rafts

By Henri Julien - File:Beaugrand - La chasse-galerie, 1900.djvu, Public Domain,

The winter came and went that year
It was a falling rain affair
Precipitation inundation deep
Floating fixtures everywhere

Profits soared spilled overboard
With concentrates from margin cuts
Watching lifelines drain away
Promoting shares in water butts

The Sandman with a grain of truth
Many bags beneath his eyes
Building barricades to stem the tide
As sleepless forms shed their disguise

Greedy needs and wasteful deeds
Scrubbed hard the farms and glades
What once was kept no longer slept
Forlorn tirades of ambuscades

Earnings rode on golden avenues
A fast returning avalanche
As sailing ships rode perfect storms
No sign of land nor olive branch

Ambuscade: Oxford Dictionaries 


Late 16th century: from French embuscade, from Italian imboscata, Spanish emboscada, or Portuguese embuscada, based on a late Latin word meaning 'to place in a wood'; related to bush1.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Who Me?

Ask yourself who are you
And where on earth you think you are
Can you prove a dream inside or out
Dance Mardi Gras in Shangri Las

Are you a stayer or a runaway
Is your telescope longsighted 
Is your handle on the scheme of things
A thoughtful grip or fancy flighted 

Do you need to make excuses
For things you found along the way
Walking backwards up a mountain
A view of downhill all the way

To be continued......