Saturday, 21 February 2015

Goings going on


Or looking for a nudge to write some of your own?

Nibbling whilst scribbling
A rhyme came to mind
Where did it come from
What a wonderful find

Friday, 20 February 2015


Cosmic Resonance by Loren-MacGregor

Sound explosion volume up
Cherished music centre stage
Syncopated harmonies
Streaming lyrics off the page

Building up crescendo pitch
In the air above the hair
Singing loud to please a crowd
Floating minds away elsewhere

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Something isn’t working right
We’re sending you a fix
Just in case your workshop seems
Jumble jumped up in a mix

One wonders why so many faults
Occur at speed of thought
As though the marvels mislaid marbles
Block up our lanes and shipping port

Here it comes another one
Untimely irritating
No clue to why this fixing thing
So interrupting constipating

It must be quite important
How many changes in this spate
Although nothing seems to change at all
In case we miss out we update

There we are the job is done
Just one more minor thing to do
Save your files and shut all programmes down
It's so important that you do

Estuary Blues

This tributary morning
Where a keeper lights a fuse
Brings an estuary story
The Humber River Blues

Slapping snapping lapping
Indifferent to your dues
Not here or there without a care
The Humber River Blues

Everything is passing by
No one notices the ruse
Faintly undetectable
The Humber River Blues

Painted picture moments
Full of other peoples news
Reeling time this river dance
The Humber River Blues

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Gym Karma

Keeping fit and frisky healthy
Brings me benefits at leisure
Allows my pace to interlace
Tones my bones and muscle pleasure

A personal fitness Guru
Is on hand when I start waning
Advising how revising can
Restore the positives I’m gaining

Staying healthy is a path of choice
Too many times we may ignore
 A high price paid when stiff and staid
We watch our senses lose the war

Dedicated to the long distance Runner Bean - Rich Lister a good old bean.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Sheltered in a sandy niche
In the lee of sculpted form
Where surface splendour finery
Display how natural laws conform

The wind and rain dependent
Rearranging to and fro
Flaws give way renewing shape
So higher orders may lie low

Each grain seems lain for good effect
Somehow secured by unseen folders
Parades the last resistant show
Atomic crystal strength of boulders