Saturday, 21 February 2015

Goings going on


Or looking for a nudge to write some of your own?

Nibbling whilst scribbling
A rhyme came to mind
Where did it come from
What a wonderful find


  1. Oi.... you get back here right now!!!! .... Oh twice, then thrice.. you WILL be back....just not as frequently! #phew

    You don't give a reason for stepping back from the bloggy I allowed to ask? .... I'm asking :)

    A book to be worked on perhaps? Do tell. .... You'll be missed if you stay away too long....please don't X

    1. No Kimmie, it is not the end of my blogging just calling a halt to rhyme as the main thrust of my activities. My twitter account Strungout@LettsC will continue to drive my output to the world of driven things. As will Google+ and a smattering of Facebook. Many have asked me about strange the stuff in my rhymes. So I will post some rationales on the backgrounds of these compilations. There won't be eight hundred rationales as some do not need explanation. Watch this space ;-)