Monday, 27 April 2015

Silently Sequential

In number games worth counting on
Serial players striking laces
Fleeting beats of touch simplicity
Augmenting outcome's splendid graces

A bunch of twists and crucial turns
Fleeting schemes in zero seams
One might call them Riemann’s heroes
In critical strips of particle beams

Snuggled tight the complex modulus
A window view of the right half-plane
A most precisely horizontal ridge
Absolutely normal with everything to gain

Sunday, 19 April 2015

In Someone’s Wisdom

On the other side of open palms
Speak the plans of treacherous pacts
Knowing looks with pencil smiles
Hiding footsteps covering tracks

In the know they slyly congregate
In mirthful sets of cosy smirks
Marring slurring lascivious purring
Devising fractures in the works

On sun kissed summer mornings
With trump cards poised in place
Keep a weathered eye on gatherings
On both sides of every face

Hail the power of the undecided

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sporadic Stint

Sitting quietly not quite alone
Nothing too much going on
No hint of shouts no trivial doubts
Or pressing next from thereupon

In amongst ones cross connections
I feel a sense of sneaking whisper
May happen by to catch one's eye
Not even crystal clear is crisper

Without help or any hindrance
A smothered obvious hailing wail
Will strike alight so blinding bright
Where such a winner cannot fail