Sunday, 31 March 2013

Google Glass You Can't Surpass

The road ahead is shaping up
So much quality and class
I'm seeing things I never knew
With my astounding Google Glass

With my panoramic field of view
I'm on the verge of greener grass
The cutting edge of art I state
Check it out my Google Glass

Brave Girl

You gotta be a brave girl baby
right now you feel numb
Don't plan your tomorrow's
without dreaming of some

You gotta be a brave girl baby
your world is at hand
Don't dwell on the maybe's
hear these words understand

You gotta be a brave girl baby
walk the road on your own
Find your special good things
all your love is home grown

You gotta be a brave girl baby
sweet dreams when you sleep
Your time is this moment
and the future will keep

This 60’s style reminiscent lyric popped into my head last night (30th March 2013). It arrived in full without any help from me.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Now I See The Light

Logically and obviously
Sometimes struggle to agree
For logic is a process
not a revelatory

Apparently it's clarity
which try's to solve a mystery
Unless it follows methodology
is just opinion obviously

Symmetry will vividly
demand a closer view
Proving nothing is more obvious
When logic finds itself askew

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Palatable Lesson

Two warriors went to fight a war
unaware that they might meet
both had different points of view
and never known defeat

Both highly skilled in combat
had studied all the rules of fear
which without it came poor strategy
a numbers game of disappear

The early morning battle field
sparkling dew of sunlight beauty
where best laid plans depended on
a common sense of duty

In later years of deep reflection
so much a wiser grasp of ways
without the banquets of diplomacy
you feast the cold soup of lost days

Tablet Times

The concrete city once so pretty
Takes a tumble in the dust
As the tangible turns virtual
Invisibility held on trust

A covered tablet trundles on

With minimal provisions
Somewhere on this rugged plain
seeking suitable conditions
The wilderness is beckoning
A wish to play the freedom game

To seek a sheltered reservation

A cyber land-rush milestone claim
On the trail of wide-eyed crossings
Where the boundary waits in mush
For the gullible and the guileless

Who can't resist a Candy Crush
Everything is changing fast
Calamity Jane fears mass destruction

only solar powered tablets
can face the eve of reconstruction

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Forward Foreword

When your space is sparse and poky
In your hood you feel exposed
And the sugar in your lemon drink
Is not as sweet as you supposed

When you've taken all the shortcuts
Cut the heart out of your days
Finding nothing much in elsewhere
just one more ill for your malaise

There are other ways to look at things
Once you discard the weak disguise
If you can't see the bright side
Take those sunshades off your eyes

Monday, 25 March 2013

Mark My Words

How good is that whatever next
watched pots will never boil
safe and sound or keep it sweet
too many cooks will spoil

Time is not kept waiting
for me and you or any man
always heed less haste more speed
you’ll have to do the best you can

The weather is as usual
mustn’t grumble can’t complain
you must pop in and see us
if you pass this way again

Things get better every day
depends on where you’re standing
age is based on how you feel
to avoid misunderstanding

Ma knows best it’s good to rest
Soft soap is flannel power
so do be brief and take no grief

it’s getting better by the hour

I’ve heard it said so many times
it will get you in the end
the more the merrier, life’s a breeze
keep your eye out for a friend

Friday, 22 March 2013

Pavement Predator

Charity getting heavy here
I may lose the will to give
accosted almost anywhere
even where we live

We're not selling anything
here look my 'ID' badge
although we're loudly boisterous
we're friendly gently on the cadge

We give your door a mighty thump
to let you know we're here
we are the force of worthy cause
your local handout buccaneer

Now ante up and give us some

don't mean to scare you or harass
Your neighbours out of earshot
what you give will not embarrass

The Chugger brash and confident
a lifestyle to maintain
will plough the fields of charity
a golden egg domain of gain 

High street charity fundraisers are facing questions over their use of increasingly aggressive, intimidatory and potentially unlawful tactics.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

A UK Budget Solution Illusion

2.5 million
aspiring unemployed
The weathermen predicting
the likelihood of snow
We reach out for the biscuit tin
Buttered Osborne's very low

Sleight of hand smooth-talking
In truth, no truth, no changes
Muffling whilst shuffling
A three card trickster rearranges
In two years time when all is well
Rose coloured future’s mapped
Transparent vanishing promises
Another pile of pledges scrapped
All aboard the well stacked deck
Just a few seats on this boat
‘Aspiration Nation’ freely sails
The seasick loser wouldn't vote
So get out there and stake a claim
Find the voice that used to matter
Lose that phrase 'I can't be asked'
Lest you be ruled by pointless chatter

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fight Bigotry Set Them Free

Sitting in my prison cell
considering the wall
wondering each moment
until my eyelids fall

For a minor provocation
disagreeing with the state
ruthless condemnation
is now my evil fate

For singing my frustration
in a one time hallowed room
the church and state colluded
lack of vision is their doom

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We Owe Them So Much More Than Woo

If we can help the children
understand what they must find
how time is there and everywhere
not out of sight nor out of mind

Breathing eating drinking
like laughing crying dancing
bathing in a cool clear pond
as if life was fun advancing

Look how we contain ourselves
say the parents to the child
free reins are not for novices
when your energy runs wild

Small wonder kids get angry
so little help on what to learn
too much toe the line hyperbole
so much adult crash and burn

Monday, 18 March 2013

If they can Stripe us in Cyprus then....


Ask yourself what you would do
if you found yourself defrauded
you would likely file a crime report
to ensure corruption was recorded

Ah but Bankers are above the law
synonymous with grand theft
they’ve screwed our world economy
may now be scraping up what’s left

Greek tragedy in the Cyprus cache
now makes it plain to see
new finance clauses lawfully
condoning daylight robbery

Our trust banks on safe keeping
we expect at least transparency
though not to watch incapable
above-board Bankster larceny

The hard-working Cypriots do not deserve this bank robbery

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Yard

Picture by Duncan Feirn

Someone may ask you one day
for directions to a peaceful space
you might consider this awhile
recalling a memory of another place

Someone may ask you one day
where can I go and just quietly be
you might point at the road
saying that way is sometimes free

Someone may ask you one day
is it possible to capture quiet repose
you might smile and bid them farewell
to seek fulfilment in the stillness of lows

The Appalling Spot

 When excavating in London one may discover a plague of past times.

 From the Barbican to Farringdon
en-route to Euston Square
the Crossrail Project railway men
have found a rash of bodies there

It goes to show that travelling
a most contagious innovation
through the ages with its pitfalls
may keep you waiting at the station