Monday, 25 March 2013

Mark My Words

How good is that whatever next
watched pots will never boil
safe and sound or keep it sweet
too many cooks will spoil

Time is not kept waiting
for me and you or any man
always heed less haste more speed
you’ll have to do the best you can

The weather is as usual
mustn’t grumble can’t complain
you must pop in and see us
if you pass this way again

Things get better every day
depends on where you’re standing
age is based on how you feel
to avoid misunderstanding

Ma knows best it’s good to rest
Soft soap is flannel power
so do be brief and take no grief

it’s getting better by the hour

I’ve heard it said so many times
it will get you in the end
the more the merrier, life’s a breeze
keep your eye out for a friend


  1. Wow…excellent rhyme…and on demand,to boot. You could almost do this in night clubs!

    1. I actually wrote this standing on one leg