Friday, 22 March 2013

Pavement Predator

Charity getting heavy here
I may lose the will to give
accosted almost anywhere
even where we live

We're not selling anything
here look my 'ID' badge
although we're loudly boisterous
we're friendly gently on the cadge

We give your door a mighty thump
to let you know we're here
we are the force of worthy cause
your local handout buccaneer

Now ante up and give us some

don't mean to scare you or harass
Your neighbours out of earshot
what you give will not embarrass

The Chugger brash and confident
a lifestyle to maintain
will plough the fields of charity
a golden egg domain of gain 

High street charity fundraisers are facing questions over their use of increasingly aggressive, intimidatory and potentially unlawful tactics.


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