Thursday, 21 March 2013

A UK Budget Solution Illusion

2.5 million
aspiring unemployed
The weathermen predicting
the likelihood of snow
We reach out for the biscuit tin
Buttered Osborne's very low

Sleight of hand smooth-talking
In truth, no truth, no changes
Muffling whilst shuffling
A three card trickster rearranges
In two years time when all is well
Rose coloured future’s mapped
Transparent vanishing promises
Another pile of pledges scrapped
All aboard the well stacked deck
Just a few seats on this boat
‘Aspiration Nation’ freely sails
The seasick loser wouldn't vote
So get out there and stake a claim
Find the voice that used to matter
Lose that phrase 'I can't be asked'
Lest you be ruled by pointless chatter

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