Monday, 31 October 2011

The Holiday

We thought we'd take a holiday a dream to get away
escaping from the 'Rat-Race' and the hurly burly fray
a sunny place pedestrian pace with not too much to do
a little healthy exercise and perhaps a drink or two

We got there without hindrance expectations running high
it seemed so transcendental 'neath a bold blue summer sky
the town close by was beckoning we gaily ventured out
but every restaurant we passed was guarded by a Tout

"Come in here and taste our stuff" everywhere we went
on every corner time-share thugs and thieves to circumvent
Three card tricksters, counterfeiters, drunkards very many
philanderer's and blackguards in pursuit of every penny

We ventured back with eyes alert attuned to sound and smell
A haven break? Not sure my friend to me it seemed like hell

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Boracic Lint

Picture by

We’re out of cash and stony broke
there’s nothing in the pot
forget the fancy rhetoric
they’ve lost the bloody lot

The Golden Fleece is captured
though it’s wearing very thin
yet it marks another golden age
for the Chinese Mandarin

As the Euro takes a bashing
our economies may freeze
we’ll be studying Confucius
learning languages Chinese

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bonfire of the Profanities

I hear that cussing’s good for you
well that should make me glad
it’s something I am prone to do 
whenever things go bad

These words release my tension
and minimise my pain
and for all of those who cry out foul
I may repeat them once again

Listen to the flawless purified
who proclaim they never cuss
merely use a range of pseudonyms 
I can’t be bothered with the fuss

Expletives come as rude words go

so much pleasure from so many
in whispers or in wailing screams
such a shame to not say any

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Jaunty Jape

Adventure is the very thing
taking care and preparation
shooting rapids with a gun
may cause others trepidation

Keeping things exciting
and yourself away from harm
by attempting all things doable
with flair and verve and charm

To walk a pleasant evening
telling tales of derring-do
like the time I shot the rapids
without Kayak or Canoe

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Artful Artist

A friend of mine still full of life
an artist of great skill
just one look at site or scene
will produce a visual thrill

The works are mainly still life
fruits and pots in rows
keeping modelling costs way down
when using jugs to pose

Sunday, 23 October 2011

All Things Bright And Beautiful

Playing games together
Children acting inside out
Without a care for meaning
Even less for dreads or doubt

Children play for hours
Communicating playtime rules
Taking turns in stage direction
Kings and Queens in mother’s jewels

In a home of many days gone by
Childish memories of the past
Daydreams turn to testing schemes
Wide-eyed honesty long surpassed

The Diffident Pitcher

My milk jug started playing up
being awkward holding back
behaving out of kilter
for a ewer very slack

It’s not that I can’t fill it up
I can and often do
a pitcher shouldn’t be aloof
I scream but don’t get through

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Drowsy Start

The weather vane is restless
through my curtains I perceive
as the sky is drawing patterns
giving sunshine no reprieve

I sip a cooling cup of tea
with a yawn I moan out loud
feeling miserable and put upon
by every passing cloud

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Hodge Podge

As one who doesn’t mumble
yet enjoys a crazy jumble
likes to mix their antecedents
with all sorts of odd ingredients
just to see what might emerge
staggered thinking on the verge
not ill-mannered so to speak
more light-hearted tongue in cheek
a sort of lingua franca quiche
which seems suitably pastiche

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Party Smartie Pants

There’s a tang of impropriety
played out in our society
as politicians nonchalantly tramp

Dipping fingers without conscience
strutting appetites and penchants
paying duty to a hazy foreign camp

Apathetically so many folk
who mope elections are a joke
as integrity becomes a flight of fancy

When our leaders swagger blissful
at their congress waxing wistful
plainly no idea what’s really going on

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Twaddaloney News

The Optacomitrykoptavar
reigns over Gublets on Septibar
floating on Bibbety Zabedyzar
their tetheree song is Rabbelanar

On Septibar where we all live
Rabbelanar together we give
lots of Mallix and some to spare
Rabbelanar’s most copious fayre

There’s plenty of doings on Septibar
fixing each Bibbety Babedyzar
as hubbitz make clacks in the ungular
spoiling the rhythm of Rabbelanar

On Septibar where ....

The Optacomitrykoptavar
calls every Gublet on Septibar
to float on their Bibbety Zabedyzar
and sing the song of Rabbelanar

On Septibar where .....