Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Waiting Room

Quietly just sitting there
waiting for my turn
maybe one or two in front
not really my concern

Casually I look around
fixating on a spot
is there something I might say
stay silent better not


  1. Waiting is not at all like meditating

  2. I like this one. Having just been to the doctor myself I thought it very apt. Waiting rooms are like lifts. A silent fog decends on us all. Not the sort of fog you get in Mattoon though. The first person to speak gets labeled as a nutter, cleaver dick or the kind of person that you wish was at the other side of the room. It WILL gaurantee you a seat though. Albeit on your own.

  3. This excellent 2009 picture is:
    "Waiting Room" by John Legg, grade 12, Cardinal Gibbons High School