Monday, 31 October 2011

The Holiday

We thought we'd take a holiday a dream to get away
escaping from the 'Rat-Race' and the hurly burly fray
a sunny place pedestrian pace with not too much to do
a little healthy exercise and perhaps a drink or two

We got there without hindrance expectations running high
it seemed so transcendental 'neath a bold blue summer sky
the town close by was beckoning we gaily ventured out
but every restaurant we passed was guarded by a Tout

"Come in here and taste our stuff" everywhere we went
on every corner time-share thugs and thieves to circumvent
Three card tricksters, counterfeiters, drunkards very many
philanderer's and blackguards in pursuit of every penny

We ventured back with eyes alert attuned to sound and smell
A haven break? Not sure my friend to me it seemed like hell

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