Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Who Are We With Tonight

In this amazing world of digital
where change is at apace
beyond the scope of most of us
communications multi-place

Meeting up in face to face
though really not quite there 
as interface takes precedence
no longer here but where

There was a time when contact
looked for meanings in the eye
where sharing time was focussed
on the ground not in the sky

Time will come when voices shrink
the proletariat confined
like the myth of Samson’s haircut
snuffled by the binary bind

When  a text is the next big moment

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Susan’s Cat

It seems to me you have it wrong
that I don’t understand
I’m just quietly considering
all possibilities at hand

Your presence has face value
though I never second guess
I’m checking on your inner strength
it’s the way that I assess

Inspiring 'Cat Picture' prompted this rhyme:

Susan@gueni Twitter

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Friends (A Poem)

Just an ordinary day when two friends meet
yet that day is never forgotten as time passes

The road to friendship can be a slow walk
as beliefs persuasions and opinions are tested

Good friends are not afraid of differences

differences are signposts to a deeper knowledge
In friendship everything matters continually
in pursuit of balance harmony and blend

Though each will take turn in carrying the other

there is no drudgery in each other’s burden
Friendship has little need of demand or duty
for the spirit seeks only principle and integrity

The streets of life are a universe of choices

made much clearer in the company of friends

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Nice Bristols

Hi you folks from way down there
Rodge and Bea the Bristol pair

So pleased that you will stay with us
chuffed to bits we love to fuss

A surprise for Joan is most sincere
the Bristol pair will bring much cheer

The weatherman say's lots of sun
August 18th a load of fun

To our good mates Beryl and Roger

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Everybody’s Drinking

Everybody’s drinking water
fashion statements H2O
handing over loads of money
the store of dripping profits grow

Looking out in the shopping malls
water profits tightly squeeze
skipping over the notion
of thirst to ease

Everybody’s drinking water
thinking magic properties
drinking more than one guy oughta
they give much less for charities

Looking out in the shopping malls
water profits tightly squeeze
skipping over the notion
of thirst to ease

Harry Nilsson's version is quite good too

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Train of Strain a Downright Bane

There’s something downright sinister
if by train you seek your way
they come and go whenever they please
travellers standing in dismay

Packed compressed like cattle herds
hushed in cramped despair
politicians have no driving force
should one ever think they care
The free for all scream give us some
we have this cunning plan
to screw to penalize to profiteer
the rolling stock tin can.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When Tomorrow Came to Stay


I’ll take the southern coastal road
catch the morning by surprise
find a pleasant place to be
where light is not so heavy on my eyes

I’ll try to do some clear head thinking
make my list of things to share
accept the lonely storm is passing by
rest easy in a town without despair

Walking streets of no predictions
Embrace a dawning atmosphere
In fresher freedom laundered clothing
Agenda’s now more visible and sincere

Facing my reality no longer chasing spells
taking special time for each consideration
out there in the early air counting every breath
as my heart beats like a rhythmic incantation

Written for Jerry DeWitt and the brave hearts of blatant honesty

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Suffer Rage Who’s In Charge

Time to dump the House ofLords
Once again democracy 
is dealt a fatal blow
as elected representatives conspire
to keep the unelected 
Lordships status quo
whiff the acrid stench 
of voter’s rights on fire
Our lifeless coalition 
by rebels firmly trounced
a meagre merger commons 
sad and sour
autocratic Tory Boys 
have the system bounced
as the neutered British voter 
loses power