Saturday, 27 February 2016

Flight Of The Eagle Man

In my digitised existence
Simulated in the main
Contained within a chip and pin
Such a well-related brain

Sprinting super neuron viaducts
Private lives of computation
Thinking speedily at leisure
Far beyond imagination

Who I am or where I am
Placed in spots of compilations
A story line of me and mine
In super conscious formulation

David Eagleman's BBC TV series 'The Brain' inspired these thoughts. Incomparable to his marvellous presentation of the brain and neuroscience. But the idea that we can be uploaded into eternity on journeys beyond the capacity of mechanical travel is wonderfully inviting. That is, if I am not already there.

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Destitute Itinerant

Sheltered in a doorway room
Open house to passers by
Hoping that the wind and rain
Has found somewhere else to cry
Memories of different days
Unwelcome on these nights
Hunger cramps are draining me
Turning out my flickering lights
They call me lost without ambition
Just because I’m down at heel
I save and plan my every penny
For a warm space and a meal
Like a ship without a compass
In waters rocky spying land
It all looks so bright inviting
But I dismiss it out of hand
No one waits for me I’m homeless
Shelters anywhere will do
I’ll sleep with both eyes searching
Until morning light shines through
Too many shapes of homelessness
Down and out nowhere to run
No magic wand to help them all
Can we just begin with one

Sunday, 21 February 2016

In or Out Shake It All About


In days of harassed fortunes
Placing privilege on the spot
And access to residual gilt
Your funds a problematic knot

Situations are the end result
Of whatever went before
Quests in search of new resources
Grand theft portrayed as law

But what of votes and governance
In deciding whose in charge
In being in or leaving out
Staying small or there at large

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Concentric Spheres

In existence unpredictable
Where chances come and go
Building on past failings
Speeding up whilst going slow

When pursuing creativity
Every thought has some potential
To double up the possibility
Of exercising exponential

Everything is in the pot
Greatest depths to superficial
Singularity finds parity
As life in truth turns artificial

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


When thinking things
That inkling brings
Crowds of bells and whistling’s
Can snugly cling as lingering’s
Inside shifting groups of jinglings

Bright pearl ideas hang shimmering
To invite your mind considering
Avoiding too much dithering
Discarding pap delivering
From assurance intermingling

So when a thought bewildering
Seems strung suspended on a wing
Flashing beams of light discovering
Maybe it’s just another thing
Occurring whilst remembering

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Baker

Ashes stones or smoky pit
A baker fires the oven hot
Elemental each constituent
Potion portions in a mixing pot

Socially historical
Familial traditional
The Baker has advanced our lives
Among the arts of unconditional

Fulfilment is the baker’s wish
Providing love on every tray
A vision hint of satisfaction
Crowning glory every day

Dedicated to the all too often unsung art of baking

Monday, 1 February 2016

Farewell From The Listener

Silver sailing on the airwaves
Without effort on the ear
Portraying and conveying
With sounds of music we revere

Talking to a microphone
As though the microphone was me
Materialised as personalised
A verbal clarity I could see

Farewell Sir Terry Wogan
From every listener just like me
Deep dismay to lose your telling way
Your humour friendly subtlety