Saturday, 27 February 2016

Flight Of The Eagle Man

In my digitised existence
Simulated in the main
Contained within a chip and pin
Such a well-related brain

Sprinting super neuron viaducts
Private lives of computation
Thinking speedily at leisure
Far beyond imagination

Who I am or where I am
Placed in spots of compilations
A story line of me and mine
In super conscious formulation

David Eagleman's BBC TV series 'The Brain' inspired these thoughts. Incomparable to his marvellous presentation of the brain and neuroscience. But the idea that we can be uploaded into eternity on journeys beyond the capacity of mechanical travel is wonderfully inviting. That is, if I am not already there.


  1. God, you're so clever. Have you thought about compiling your work into book form...publishing?

    1. Thank you Kimmie for kind comment. Probably a bit too random for a collection of odd rhymes.