Monday, 22 February 2016

The Destitute Itinerant

Sheltered in a doorway room
Open house to passers by
Hoping that the wind and rain
Has found somewhere else to cry
Memories of different days
Unwelcome on these nights
Hunger cramps are draining me
Turning out my flickering lights
They call me lost without ambition
Just because I’m down at heel
I save and plan my every penny
For a warm space and a meal
Like a ship without a compass
In waters rocky spying land
It all looks so bright inviting
But I dismiss it out of hand
No one waits for me I’m homeless
Shelters anywhere will do
I’ll sleep with both eyes searching
Until morning light shines through
Too many shapes of homelessness
Down and out nowhere to run
No magic wand to help them all
Can we just begin with one

1 comment:

  1. Stunning poem, Ropey. (I must get used to calling you Cliff. Though I think you'll always be Ropey to me ;) ) Really touching poem. Special!