Sunday, 31 August 2014

Home Invasion Protection

Spider Web by plantm on Newgrounds
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The spiders here about my house
Every one of them a pet
I never buy supplies for them
Nor do I take them to a Vet

They set up traps with diligence 
Web designer's debonair
Seeking content as it happens
Each connection is their share

Every visitor carefully noted
With keenly followed finest threads
Relieving us of carrion
To keep the roof above our heads

One More Time

These heady days host fine farewells
Bright summer colours autumn burst
In golden shades resplendent fades
A palette trove of bliss immersed

Disappearing days of light heart glee
Slow soft footsteps gentle dance
Fading memories of those gala nights
Blurred in misty tearful trance

Harvest fields dressed up conclusively 
In the gathering’s closing light
September songs in pastoral throngs
Seasonal songbirds take their flight

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I Am Somewhere

Finger hopping never stopping 
Surfing data anagrams
Pass by easy never needy
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Everything downloadable 
At Macy's Harrods or the Ritz
Take pleasure in the sense of things
A universal Google blitz

Standing by at breakneck speed
Exchange mistakes for something new
Complete each satisfaction card
We are improving just for you

I think maybe I'm here in Boston
I'll check my credit card receipt
Every block a stock of distance
I walk reality off my feet

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Team Spirit

Now! How may I help?

Thank you for calling us today
Although we’re oh so busy now
All those disillusioned customers
Who call us up to have a row

We have a list of get out cons
Which you can read about on line
Pointing out the fault is yours
Apart from that we’ll get on fine

Dissatisfaction is our special skill
We can turn your anger inside out
Ask for details twenty times
Interject with please don’t shout

Unless you have a barrister
Or cabinet minister on your side
We’ll pass your issue to a manager
Who’s never on nobody’s side

We interrupt we over-talk
Leave you drowning in your sorrow
Left on hold until we close
Please call again tomorrow

When you have so many customers you just don't give a toss

Foreign Food

Mystery disc-shaped UFO could be world's clearest pictures of 'flying saucer' so far!
From a Tweet by dshanoun

Hot August nights in Houston Texas
When it’s far too close for slumber
And the weather noise is deafening
You feel that fate has got your number

Step outside with mobile phone
Taking ‘Facebook’ shots for show
Then right before your bleary eyes
You clock a well-timed UFO

Tracing crazy streaking lights
Stark events needs no persuasion
Place on your deck a welcome mat
To greet the Alien Invasion

Don’t jump for joy until it’s clear
That what you witnessed in the skies
A striking barge of electric-charge
Playing mind games with your eyes

Maybe time to thank your lucky stars
On all things alien here’s the crunch
The saucer plate you see descending
Is gathering folk like you for lunch

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Wordfinder General (Brought To Book)

English language horde of words
Loquacious lexicon conveyor
Vigorously abundant choice
In a countless multi-layer

A mine of meaning so available
To present without contention
Defining place or class distinction
Pompous ribald glib pretension

Clearly written simply spoken
Using a minimum of syllables
Exacting stress grammatically
On legal precedents of principle

A boundless library of vernacular
For the common man a chorus
As fanfares flare renouncing
One’s lack of using a thesaurus