Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Ponderer

Picture by B Moloney
In a peaceful NewYork Garden
Brian sat there contemplating
On how the benefits of exercise
He oft found irritating

Amid the roses came a crackling
Like a whirring pedal chain 
Which recanted fearful memories
Of gymnasiums and pain

Then suddenly the strangest thing
made its presence to him known
Bringing news of spatiality 
to those on benches all alone

"Fear not Brian of the garden seat"
Said the alien reassuring
"our aim is earthly active pace
No City Sloth's are we procuring"

Content with being left alone
A bunch of hours still left to squander
Perhaps he ought to warn the wife
another chore he'd have to ponder

Brian Moloney of 'Freelance Retort' and Kingdom of Keys fame has become celebrated for beach selfie's of his legs and feet. He also is well known for night time snapping's of slow twilight sunsets. According to his many friends and relatives Brian spends much time considering building ships and boats. Maybe even building monuments but much prefers jotting down notes. Yesterday he met an Alien whilst visiting a New York garden bench. On speaking about it afterwards Brian said " The Alien? Oh yes! Well actually I was too relaxed to worry about it"

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