Thursday, 21 August 2014

Foreign Food

Mystery disc-shaped UFO could be world's clearest pictures of 'flying saucer' so far!
From a Tweet by dshanoun

Hot August nights in Houston Texas
When it’s far too close for slumber
And the weather noise is deafening
You feel that fate has got your number

Step outside with mobile phone
Taking ‘Facebook’ shots for show
Then right before your bleary eyes
You clock a well-timed UFO

Tracing crazy streaking lights
Stark events needs no persuasion
Place on your deck a welcome mat
To greet the Alien Invasion

Don’t jump for joy until it’s clear
That what you witnessed in the skies
A striking barge of electric-charge
Playing mind games with your eyes

Maybe time to thank your lucky stars
On all things alien here’s the crunch
The saucer plate you see descending
Is gathering folk like you for lunch

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